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Hey loves,

Here's to hoping I am making your Monday a happy one with this contest sponsored by one of my favorite hair care brand.

If you're like me who've been a long time user of Cream Silk, then you might have seen a recently added product line along the aisles of Watsons or your favorite personal care store. Combining the speed of conditioner and the power of vitamin treatment comes the newest member of the Cream Silk family: the Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner! The DTC doesn't just smoothen and make your hair strands shine, it also penetrates hair deep inside with its Vita-Boost Complex. Truly, a product that makes you go beyond beautiful!

Get a chance to win a Cream Silk gift pack worth 2,000php! Just follow these 5 easy steps:

2. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

3. The New Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditoner is a powerful combination--in your daily routine, tell me what "personal combination" makes you feel beautiful both inside and out! 
Post a photo of yourself both on Facebook and on Twitter with a short, one-sentence answer. 

4. On Twitter: Don't forget to tag @shensaddiction and @creamsilkph and use the hashtag #CreamSilkBeyondBeautiful. 

5. On Facebook: Don't forget to tag @shensaddictionpAGE and @creamsilkph and use the hashtag #CreamSilkBeyondBeautiful. 

5. On August 9, 2013, wait for my post as I announce the best answers I've received. 

A photo of girl in workout clothes / gym and her iPod
CAPTION: Working out while listening to Zedd! Perfect combination towards a healthy and beautiful lifestyle! #CreamSilkBeyondBeautiful

It's that simple and easy. Looking forward to your beyond beautiful entries, ladies!

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