Places To Get Authentic and Really Good Ilocos Empanada

It's almost 11 in the evening... I have a 38.8 fever and my throat is sore. I'm watching a rerun of Grey's Anatomy while I play with Sims Freeplay on my brand-spanking new iPad 4. But despite all these, there's one thing I can't get my mind off....

I'm craving for Ilocos Empanada! But not just any Ilocos Empanada. I want the authentic one! For a while now, I've been on hunt for the real thing. One that reminds me of my hometown.

If you're hungry and have a hankering for something savory, you've been warned. It's gunna be all Empanada from here on!

Farinas Ilocos Empanada

They've got so many branches that sating my cravings for Empanada's become an easy one. The one I frequent is their White Plains branch. It's 24 hours and it accessible to my place. But I first discovered about it when they joined a Rockwell bazaar. My dad said that their store in Farinas Station at Laong Laan serves the best empanada though. Probably because they get all the ingredients fresh since the longganisa is tranported through one of the many trips of Farinas Bus from Laoag.

Why I love it here? Their Ilocos longganisa is authentic! Savory, juicy and definitely tasty! That's one thing you gotta nail down with an Ilocos Empanada. To get the aunthentic Ilocos longganisa. Ours is salty, juicy and the right mix of pork meat.

How the egg in an Ilocos Empanda should be, oozing and wet!

Oh! Another thing that you can look forward to here is that they have other kinds of empanada. One that has cheese and/or bagnet. I prefer the old-fashion Special that has been sprouts, 2 longganisas and good serving of bean sprouts though.

Prices is at Php75 to 120 if I'm not mistaken.

What I love, it's 24 hours! If only I don't feel so sick... I'd be driving up to White Plains now!

Although the servers and cook aren't Ilocanos, happy to say that this is still one of the best Ilocos Empanada I've eaten here in Manila.

Special Empanada: Twice the longganisa, twice the yumminess!

Ahhhh! Heaven!!

They also have Bagnet (Ilocos's famous lechon kawali). The BF prefers this one over the Empanada. If I had two stomache, I'd eat this and a empanada, too.

Price is around Php85 to 120.

They also have lomi soup,  always a great treat after clubbing and having too many drinks. This soup reminds me of high school days, late night drives and bonding with friends.

Php45 to 55

The Orange Empada

Owned by a Ilonggo and Ilocana (for the life of me I can't remember their names). I found out about them when I visited Mercato Centrale at BGC a few months ago. I went there after work purposely to look for empanada! And they didn't disappoint. These couple reminds me so much of me and R. The BF is also Ilonggo while I, an Ilocana. And they've been married for years. And when I learned that their cook is from Ilocos, I was all the eager to try them out. For me, unless you're Ilocano, you have no business making Ilocos Empanada. I'm biased like that.

I ordered 2 special empanadas to take home with me and share it with the BF. And I went back a few more times every Friday.

Why I like their empanada? The longganisa yet again! It's authentic! The wrapping is also how I like it, a little bit on the thinner side and their suakng iloco is TDF!

Price: Php75 to Php85

Coke is always a good drink to pair with Ilocos Empanada. Back in the province, I would order one Special Empanada and a 12 oz bottle of coke. The life!!

Glomy's Empanada

Others will argue with me on this but one of the best Empanada that I've tried is the one from Glomy's in Batac. Back in the day, my friends and I would bear the one-hour travel just so we could spend an afternoon eating empanada, isaw and barbeque. My family would always stop over at Batac just to eat at this row of Empanada vendors. 

Batac Ilocos Empanada is my favorite. There are several versions depending which town or city you're in. There's Laoag, which is kind of thick and filling. Not really a fan of but does the trick when I'm craving it. Vigan Empanada, this one is thinner. It comes in brownish coating (instead of the more popular orange one) and they use cabbage instead of bean sprouts. I don't like cabbage but I'm in love with Vigan longganisa so I devour it whenever I can. 

Batac Ilocos Empanada is just right. Oh God, I wish I'm in Batac right now!

Imagine my enthusiasm when I saw Glomy's at Metrowalk's Banchetto! I was ecstatic! Too happy that I got to take pictures of how the empanada was being made but neglected to take a pic of the goodness of the outcome because I ate it almost immediately. I forgot how tasty longganisa from Batac was!

Php75 to 85

I am near to waking up the BF to take me to Farinas Ilocos Empanada now.

I think one of the things that makes Ilocos Empanada a favorite is the fact that reminds a lot of my childhood and teen years, too. Not only do I find it really good and tasty but because it has little bits of things I remember from back home when I eat one. I love piping hot first bite, the crackle of the coating and juiciness of the longganisa that mingles ever so perfectly with the fresh egg and bean sprouts. Don't even get me started when it's drizzled with just the right amount of sukang iloco. I'm torturing myself right now for writing this.

If you haven't tried Ilocos Empanada from these stores, you better try them out soon! Not the pretentious Ilocos empanda shops you see around, they don't taste as good. And get them fresh, right off the boiling wok of oil!

Well, that's it for now! I gotta settle for the cold pizza in the fringe for now.

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