Beauty Can't Wait | Close-Up White Now, Why Later?

Was it just 2 years ago when I discovered Close-Up White Now? And until now it's my favorite toothpaste of them all. Why? It's practically a makeup, that's why!

Same way a yellow concealer cancels out the purplish dark under eyes or a green concealer lessens the redness of a cystic angry pimple, Close Up White Now with its Blue Foam technology , cancels out the yellowish tint on our teeth. A problem I've been dying to solve ever since! Sorry, I'm a smoker and I do love sodas! Can't help it so my teeth punish me (or is it the other way around?) and I'm now slave to tinted teeth. Eww! I didn't know either that taking Tetracycline for acne causes irreparable yellowing of the teeth. Tsk! My poor set of chumps. :(

Good thing I didn't let go of my twice a day habit of brushing my teeth with Close-Up White Now. My teeth look so much better than it did years ago. Stronger, too! It's an instant trick that all of us can do without spending so much. And did I tell you that the toothpaste itself whitens teeth gradually same as other toothpaste. Paying 2 for the price of 1! Yey!

Speaking of quick fixes and beauty dilemmas, watch out for Bianca Gonzalez' on Close-Up Youtube on June 21. Subscribe to their Youtube channel now, For more details, visit their website at

Close-Up White Now is available at your favorite grocery and department stores nationwide.

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