8 Tweet Tips This School Year | #SMARTFreeToTweet

Happy new school year!

I wish we had Twitter when we were young. I'd probably be tweeting how excited I am for a new school year and how much I love the scent of plastic cellophane while covering and protecting my textbooks. Not to mention that I'd probably be twitpic-ing fun new notebooks available at National Bookstore. Or that I sneaked in a pocketbook of Sweet Valley in our shopping cart.

Instead we had to go all-Scrouge on our loads and reserve them only to our parents and our crush! And if you have several crushes, you're doomed like I was. #LOL

But you, you lucky you! You even get to tweet for free now! Smart just rolled out a super fun promo for all y'all twitterzen!! You get to tweet 24/7 from June 1 to July 31, 2013! All you have to do is text TWITTER to 211 and it's tweet-all-can!

Staying connected with your friends and school mates is easier and more budget-friendly! Tweet away and save your money instead.v

But with great power to connect comes with great responsibilities, my young ones! There some things that we should and shouldn't tweet. Here are some of my back-to-school tweet tips to help you have a fun Twitter experience!

Yup, if you're on SMART you get to tweet for free! Want to know more? Visit www.smart.com.ph/freetwitter fore more details!

Happy Back to School!

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