NEW! BYS Neon Lipgloss Swatches

Yes, Electric Youth is the soundtrack in my head while I played around with the NEW BYS Neon Lipgloss samples that I got! And boy does it remind me of the 80's and partly 90's, too. The good times though, not the crimped hair.. although that wasn't so bad either. :) Besides, watching The Carrie Diaries made me rethink of the 80's fashion... I am starting to love it!

And BYS sure is giving us a reason to revisit the Disco Decade and delve into the colorful world of the Ma-material Girl. They bring to us BYS NEON LIPGLOSS collection. Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green and Neon Yellow. Candidly reminds me of my highlighter pens in law school, these shades initiates happy thoughts instead of dreaded recitation or written exams. 

These are electrifyingly bright! Pigmentation-wise, BYS hits the spot! Just look at the swatches below. Although Green and Yellow tend to pronounce the lines on the lips, nothing like good lip exfoliation and lip balm would fix it. 

A grand idea which I only thought of now is to mix these baby up! 
Ooohh! It will surely give that psychedelic vibe. :)

Neon Pink is my favorite! Just look at how electrifyingly bright pink this shade is. The light makes it pop even more! Aside from the fact that this is more wearable than the rest of the shades

Oh Orange! You make make feel young again. This zesty shade indeed calls attention. People will certainly stop at their tracks and stare at your puckers 

Hulk makes green look cool and so does BYS! Neon Green BYS Lipgloss may need a bit of work to pull off but this is definitely a statement piece for that costume party. Now I be Poison Ivy and not worry after I eat or drink!

Nicki Minaj is not the only person able to rock out of this world lip colors. We can, too! Yellow is not mellow when I see the Neon Yellow BYS Neon Lipgloss. With just a swipe, I suddenly want to jiggy with it!

Summer is way more colorful with the new BYS Neon Lipgloss collection. It's unique, attractive and definitely spells F-U-N! If your Summer is getting a bit gloomy, head out to your nearest SM Dept. Store or Watsons and get this fabulous collection! :) 

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