Cream Silk Goes Beyond Beautiful | Starring Heart Evangelista

I was in the hospital when I first saw the new Cream Silk commercial. Naturally, I researched online to watch it again. Not knowing that dear Franco already e-mailed this to me and was visiting in my box for quite a while. Talk about how busy I can get that I forget to check my blog e-mail. But that's alright, I love stumbling across fabulous commercials like this.

Not to mention that it's from one of my favorite hair care brand, Cream Silk. I remember having that Cream Silk moment inside the LRT on my way home and this tall good-looking college guy closed his eyes and smelled my hair. And as I play with my hair, I realize that despite the pollution of Manila, my hair still smells great.

Much like this new Cream Silk Commercial starring Heart Evangelista,

Not to the extent that guys lined up and shielded me from the rain, but i do get what the commercial is trying to say. There is nothing like a hair that is receiving the best care there is.. and that usually means as simple as using a conditioner.

Did you know that there are still quite a number Filipina's who don't use conditioners? Que Horror!

Which begs the question, what was your first ever conditioner? Mine was Cream Silk!

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  1. I've been using creamsilk for how many years and it is so true that there are still filipinas who don't use conditioners. Que horror indeed! Lol :)


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