Chairo Pink is now The Purple Groom in Tiendesitas

Forgive for the late post but if you still don't know, Chairo Pink in Tiendesitas is now The Purple Groom. It seems that my favorite groomer is taking the hot spots in Tiendesitas and making quite a name. Which in my opinion, is just right since the more salons they open, the more dogs can care for.

The Purple Groom has been consistent when it comes to service of dog grooming, that is why I've always been a client since I tried them over 3 years ago. Watching their business grow only proves that consistency and dedication. The Purple Groom is owned by Jayme, a young man who inherited from his parents the love for animals and hard work. And I'm only too happy to share with you guys their success.

Why wouldn't I when they care for my dogs as much as I do and make them prettier every time we come for a visit.

Take a look at their new dog grooming salon, located at the west part of Pet Village at Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde, Pasig.

I used the Medicated Shampoo with Green Tea.

Cleo and Duke ready for bath! :) I got there a bit late in the day and as expected, there's a line. I usually stay at SM Hypermart since I can't stand the heat of Tiendesitas. Yes, I don't mind leaving my dogs alone in Purple Groom. They provide my pets with water and there is always air conditioning for them.

Groomers in The Purple Groom are courteous and respectful of what the pet owners want for their pets.

One of my favorite groomers is this guy, Aries. He does bear cut perfectly same Junior and Tata.

Given that my pets are rowdy and very makulit, groomers in Purple Groom knows how to make them behave without being overly abusive.

I just had to take this picture of duke!

Oh my god! He's so fluffy!

That day, a group of foreigners who organizes dog shows approached me and adored my Duke and his cut. :)


I just love my Duchess! :)

Duke resting after he's fussed over by foreigners. :)

Where's my hug, mommy?

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  1. cute cute dogs!!! ang gastos siguro pag sabay sabay silang ginu-groom :)


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