Caronia's Expressions Collection and My Polka Dots Nail Art Attempt

Dear ladies from home-grown nail polish brand, Caronia is making sure that our nails are worthy of the Summer heat with their new Caronia Nail Polish "Expressions" Collection. Inpsired by the pastels and warm hues of the season, they arranged three shades that you'll love.

There's Rosy Glow, a soft cool pastel pink with a purple tint that inspires girly moods and tea in the afternoons. Fresh Mint, a light pastel green that invites love for nature and excursion especially this season. And of course, the very popular Blue Chill, pale blue frosty shade that seeims to mimic the slow waves of the beach water.

Take a look at how I used these shades. Since the collection is called Expressions, I decided to finally try to express my artistic side (or lack thereof) and try some nail art. Combining all the colors of this collection, I decided to try the polka dots nail art. Now to be honest, I have been wanting to try some nail art but I just don't have the confidence all with my shaky hands and all. But we got to start somewhere, right?

Glad I summoned the courage because for an amateur, I think I did a pretty good job. :)

Step 1:

Apply one coat of Rosy Glow regular Polish from Caronia. I only needed one coat since the pigmentation is not runny and it's very pigmented. Wait for it to dry (about 5 to 10 minutes)

Step 2:
With a toothpick, place different dots on top of the one layered coat of Rosy Glow. Place them how ever you want. 

Step 3:
On top of the Fresh Mint nail polish dots, top some of the Blue Chill frost, still doing dots.

Isn't it cute? A bit dainty but definitely has that hint of Summer and Spring. 

Loving the Expressions Collection, definitely!

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