L'oreal Steampod Steam Care at Bench Fix Salon | My Experience

I told you all about the new revolutionary hair care treatment, L'oreal Steampod by Rowenta. Now let me tell you about my experience since L'oreal Professionnel Philippines and Bench Fix Salon
through Castro PR was kind enough to invite me to try out either the Steam Bond or Steam Care, depending on what my hair needs.

Of course, here are products partnered for Steampod, the X-tenso hair care line which got the X-tenso Moisturist, Mythic Oil and X-tenso Care.

And here is the Steampod held by Rio, Junior Stylist, of Fix Salon. It's heavier than the regular flat iron and it lights up like a lightsaber. See the arrows? That's were the steam goes out off. And it's activated when they close the clamp for safety. Tip your stylist because these things are way too heavy and if you have thick hair like mine, you know how much effort is being put into making your hair prettier with this one.

The steps for SteamCare is pretty easy. First, they wash your hair off of dirt and grime and possibly other hair care products still clinging to your hair. Second, the stylist will use the Pro Keratin spray, it's a pre-treatment spray that is rick in keratin and in cell technology to preven hair damage, breakage especially for very sensitized hair.

After that, that's the time that Steampod will be used. It will open up the hair cuticle as prep for the mask that will be applied to your hair. No worries for girls with curly hair, straightening your hair won't ruin your curls.

After the Steampod, that's the time that the Pro Keratin masque will be applied all over your hair. And left there for 10 to 15 minutes. No need for heat after since your hair cuticles are open and ready to absorb the masques nutrients. Then, the stylist will wash your hair and it's ready to be styled

Take a look at the finished look! Shiny, less dry looking hair. Amazing, right?
And it took only an hour and half!

Compared to other treatments I've tried, Steampod is definitely a breakthrough and very much effective. The ends of my hair is very much damaged from rebonding frequentl coloring and recently digiperm. Before Steampod, it's practically rough, dry and brittle. But two days later after washing it, the ends looks a few levels better. It's time we veer away from the regular treatment and try something new instead.

During the event, we were introduced to the brand manager of L'Oreal Professionnel and you can hear the priode in his voice as he explains this hair care breakthrough.

And also when he introduced the first four hair stylist that specialized in creating fabulous looking hair with L'Oreal Steampod by Rowenta. :)

Know more about L'oreal Professionnel Steampod, visit their sites

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  1. Really AMAZING! You look super fabulous, Ms. Shen. :)

  2. should be interesting to see a home version when it comes to the USA instead of having to go to a salon.

  3. I can't leave the house without blowdrying and straightening my hair. I know it's kinda ma-effort. I hope they can comeup with a cheaper and lighter version of the Steam Pod that can be used at home. My hair is getting dry from too much coloring and ironing. I will definitely try this one probably when something important is happening like my upcoming birthday. Thanks you for for sharing and your insight on this! :)


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