New Girl's "Cooler" Episode left me feeling Soooo HOT!

Oh my god! Jess and Nick finally did it!!

No! Not the deed! They finally kissed!!

On the latest episode of New Girl  just when you thought that we had to wait a few more episodes, or God forbid, seasons... Nick finally planted a big one on Jess! And boy was it a hot one!

I sincerely believe that their kiss is going be one of the most memorable kiss on TV! It was! It was! I watched it twice!! I want to watch it again but that seemed creepy. LOL!

Kiss like that really works for their characters, the building of the tension, the frequent bickering and the undeniable attraction... it was TV magic unraveling before my very eyes!

This moment. This is the making of a TV history. Move over Ross and Rachel, you ain't got sh#t on this kiss!

Grabe!! Kilig na kilig ako!! That moment when he grabbed her arm, pulled her close, kissed ever so sweetly and passionately... and then said, "I'd meant something like that..."

And did you see that pahabol lingering kiss and peck? Like he can't get enough of her? I die!!

This is the moment girls like me live for!!

And damnit! Now I find Nick good-looking! Especially with that raspy voice! Grabe lang talaga!

Know why I'm reacting this way? Because the same thing happened to me. Ron stole a kiss from me and it changed my life. Yes, I was a Jess... and my Nick, well, he's my Nick still. Snoring ever so lovingly in our bed right now while I sit here reminiscing.

Le sigh... :)

Oh! I like the Winston part of the episode, too. :) And we really got to develop a True Filipino game, too!

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  1. joelle_celline1/2/13 9:21 AM

    Waaa! I'm so late. I need to download that episode NOW. Katuwa naman, I didn't know your a New Girl fan din. :) Once I read sa review mo about sa Grey's Anatomy, now this. I super love those 2 series. <3

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! SHEt!! i really need to see their new eps in now!!!

  3. I love New Girl. I love Zooey and Nick as in his character on the show. I guess he's the kind of guy I would date. HAHA. And finally, the kissed! Looking forward for more episode. This TV show keeps the positivity and shallowness in me.


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