Henry's Professional devotes a Girl Section for Tech-Savvy Ladies!

Women nowadays are different. We know our way around gadgets. From cameras, to tablets to phones. Heck, we even sometimes know more! That's just how it is now. There are women photographer, software engineers and like me, an enthusiasts who knows the ins and out of a gadget store. But sometimes, I just wish I can have a section all to myself.

Recently, Henry's Professional have installed a girl/female section in their store. A section with array of products for women like me who prefers their gadgets and accessories in a much less manly style. 

Now that's what I call real service. Always had a problem with some shops who don't take women seriously when it comes to gadgets. But a few time I've been at Pixel Pro, Henry's Professional Store Glorietta have always been delight. Or at the very least, less intimidating. And as much as I like my camera in sleek black, I draw a line in its bag and strap.

See for yourself what they currently have in store for us!

From colorful utility bags from Hellolulu, camera accessories and creatively designed earphones for your ipads and ipods!

Adorbs, right? :) Now, I don't have to fight my way among men when I visit Henry's. :) I can look, study and decide without them thinking I take too much time looking at the merchandise. :)

Henry's Professional located at
3F New Glorietta, beside Proline
Contact no.: 02-808-80-40

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