Glamourbox January 2013 Box: Beauty Resolutions

January is not exactly the laid-back month I thought it would be. Work continues to pile. The are certainly were a lot of changes and adjustments to be made. And I can't believe the new products that's being released!

Beauty-wise, January 2013, had a lot in store for me. One great example is the latest January box of Glamourbox Philippines.

Here's the latest January 2013 Glamourbox! :) Take a look!

Aptly named Beauty Resolutions, the products in it entices me to try out new skin care and makeup that zi would never have thought to try out had I not gotten this box.

EmerginC Hyper-Vitalizer

Nothing like taking enough Vitamin C? Here's a reason not to make further excuses! Excited to try this above everything! Better try this out first before shelling out for a tub of it that cost Php3K! Don't you just love samples? The amount of this deluxe baby is quite enough to give you first impressions.

Personally, I like anything vitamin C as it's good even for oily skin and those prone to breakouts.

Aqua Mineral Samples of Contura Eye Cream and Jeuvenesse De-Wrinkle Cream

This one I am eager eager to try as I've seen and felt the benefits of these products when I tried their body scrub and body butter. Luxury indeed from the deepest parts of the ocean.

LA Splash

Reminds me of Urban Decay's Original Sin and Stila's infamous Kitten. This can certainly double as a eyeshadow base and highlighter in one! I used it as highlight today and though it didn't stay on my oily skin, I can't deny the lift it did for my brows. Can't wait to use this as base. :)

Feshnel BB Cream from Kanebo

As you all know, I am not much fun of BB creams given my skin's propensity for oiliness. Thank got for this deluxe sample as I feel it wouldn't hurt to try to this out before shelling out for the full size (which doesn't come cheap, mind you). Trying this out might actually have me hitting up Kanebo counters and see what they have in store for my oily skin. :)

KJI & CO Lip Staysss

Amazing lip balm that gifts hydration as well as tint on the lips for lazy retouchers like me. Comes in a cylindrical box that is too cute to discard. I am forever keeping it to protect my balm from my looking harassed inside my vanity kit.

Nipon Cosmetic Wedge Sponges

Makeup Sponges are lifesavers for girls who like who seems to never get over puberty coz she still gets breakouts. Sponges are the most sanitary product you can use (albeit eats so much product) that quarantees you a flawless finish. If you're an aspiring makeup artist, never leave these behind.

Nippon sponges from my experience (yes, I am tried them before) are so much better than the onces i get from malls. They have airbrush quality and if you're stingy, you can still wash them and reuse and still get the same results.

If you missed this one. Then better sign up today and get the February box!

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