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Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Pale Peach | Perfect Summer Lipstick


I am just fawning over Bobbi Brown's new Creamy Matte Lip Colors. I just know that Bobbi will come out with her own matte selections (although she's had quite a few in permanent line). AAnd who couldn't be more happier than one of her loyal fan, me!

I got this baby as gift from Bobbi Brown Philippines and I am just floored. Pale Peach is such a feminine shade than makes me think of Summer all over again. So instead of carolling last Holidays, I was coralling! LOL!

It appears pink on the photo but check out the swatch and the photo below, it's really that perfect shade or Coral.

January is that month where I start thinking of Summer.. where I start planning vacations with the boyfriend, friends and family. Last year was pretty boring for me and I wasn't bitten by the travel-bug  This year though is different. I plan to soak under the sun and get a bikini tan! Seeing how Pale Peach is that perfect Summer lipstick got me a lot more excited for it!

Are you already planning for Summer? Are you excited as I am?

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3 fab comments

  1. OoooOOh makes your lovely eyes pop! the consistency and texture looks like its a perfect candidate for a cream blush too. I tend to maximize my options eheheh. I wonder if making lipstick as a blush would have consequences?

  2. that looks goon on you... i think coral looks good on most pinay...


  3. Shen, I love your make-up looks, but your recent photos say you've been using too much light. Please consider adjusting the lighting.


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