First Impressions: Snoe Beauty's Shoo-Zit Don't Bother Me Anti-Acne Collection

Good morning, ladies!

It's the first Monday of December! How time flies! Only a few more weeks before Christmas and 2013! I'm here to start of the first week of the last month of the year 2012 with my first impressions about the Shoo-Zit Don't Bother Me anti-acne line from Snoe Beauty Inc.
I usually don't do first impressions of skincare but these products warrants a mention since they've been working phenomenally for me!

Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me Wash Away Those Zits Deep Cleansing Acne Wash
Doesn't lather compared to most acne soaps I've used. This though is tough on dirt and removing excess oil. How do I know even without the squeaky feel? My face feels a little tight and softer after wash.

Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me Spray Me From Behind Back Acne Spray
This stuff is pretty amazing! It worked the very first time I used it! I'm not sure if the Purefix-DC is highly potent in this Back Acne spray but I love it. The BF also uses this since he gets pimples from excessive sweating during workout.

Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me Spot On Spot Off Daily Maintenance Acne Fading Gel
I've tried A LOT of spot treatment for acne. From natural to lab mixed, high end to low end. I'm so glad that this one works. It's not gonna subside a huge cystic acne as fast as you want, but when that's sucker's been pricked or once it popped, this will definitely help it dry and minimize the swelling.

Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me Matte World Mattifying Acne Toner
A toner with a powder in it. I shake this baby before popping it open. It leaves a white cast but definitely helps control the oilies. It also helps dries up pimples fast.

I did manage my expectations when I got these line. I did, really. That's why I'm so happy that these line works. With each bottle not costing more than Php400, these makes a great solution for those battling with acne like I did.

I'm still using these products and will be sharing more of my thoughts soon! :)

Find out more about the Shoo-Zit line here:

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  1. Hello, Ms. Shen! I hope you could do an intensive review on these products :)

  2. Hello po! I hope you could do a review on their snoe poudre extroardinaire!!!! :)

  3. angelamhiere16/12/12 10:11 AM

    Oh my! I think I need these in my hormonal acneic life!!! =D

  4. Jhoye Obsines16/12/12 10:11 AM

    hi! :) i'd really like to try using this product (coz i really have oily skin) but when i went to their website, i can't find the shoo-zit line. how can i order this? thanks!!!

    ÜÜÜ stay happy ÜÜÜ

  5. I was looking for the anti acne cream for a long time and even I have bought a soap from the site as to stop the bacterial attack which is suppose to be the measure cause for the acne.

  6. hi miss shen! my brother is also using those products and it really helps heals and dries his pimples.


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