The Makeup Look: Bronzed Eyes Sweet Lips | Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

The reason why I've always favored the Charm Travel Pro is it's ability to provide me with all the brushes I need to create a complete makeup look. From blending the eye shadow for smokey or natural makeup look, to contouring and highlighting my cheekbones. It practically has everything you need.

That's why I didn't backed down when a friend challenged me to use only Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set. She's just not convinced that she'd be able to use all the makeup brushes in it and find it "too many". Well, CHALLENGED ACCEPTED, I say. :)

This look was done solely using Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

Face brushes:

1.  Foundation Brush - great for applying moisturizer, primer and foundation (duh!).

Tip: To avoid brush streaks, try patting the brush instead of sliding it away or downward.

2. Duo Fibre Brush - one of the most versatile brush. Good for foundation using the stipplling method, for applying cream products like cream blush or cream/liquid bronzer and of course for powdered products, too.

3. Powder Brush - great for pressed powder, setting powder, HD powder, blush, bronzer and body glitters.

Tip: To avoid moving your foundation, pat the brush onto the face instead of swiping it. Dust lightly to remove residue.

4. Concealer brush - use this to apply all sorts of liquid to creamy products. The tip is very precise to conceal specific spots.

5. Angled Blush Brush - doubles as a contouring and blush brush. This compact and quite precise angled brush makes it easy for me to contour my cheekbones and to apply blush in a more defined manner.

Eye Brushes: 

1. Wet/Dry Eye shadow brush - great eyeshadow brush. The best by far from local brands I've tried. Picks up products well and it can be used for foiling method.

2. Angled Shadow Brush - makes those shadows appear more cats eyes and create the outer V flawlessly. Use this also to contour the bridge of your nose.

3. Blending Brush - Use this to apply cream products if you want a more softer feel and lighter pressure. It can also be used to set eye concealer.

4. Pencil Point brush - create a false crease, define the lower lash line like a pro with brush.

5. Flat Liner Brush - Use this either as a brow definer or eyeliner gel applicator.

6. Bent Liner Brush - a PRO MUA favorite. Bent liners are often mistaken as broken but it's actually one of the bet tool. For drawing in those winged liners to drawing in designs for body and face painting. You'll love the precision of this brush.

7. Eyebrow Defining Brush - one of the best brow brush I've used, it picks up products well and deliver it precisely on the brows. It's stiff and tough as it should be. Don't use this to line your lashline, this is not for gel liner.

8. Brow Spoolie - great for grooming brows or removing excess mascara for a more softer and natural look.

9. Lip Brush - Great for applying all kinds of lip brush. It's so precise, you don't need a lip pencil.

Yes, my friends also agree that I can go infomercial when I talk about Charm, but I just just can't help it. When something is really good, worth every single penny you earned, you just rave about it.

Products used:

Palgantong Ceramic Face Primer
Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation
The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base 05
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 04
The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour in 03 Flushed
The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit 02

Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Shore
The Body Shop 4 Color Eye Palette in 01 Smokey Copper
Bobbi Brown Long-wear Eyeliner in Mahogany
Maybelline Eyestudio Drama Gel Liner
Sleek Lash Out Mascara

Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream in Strawberry Jam

Have you tried Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set? Let know how it was and let's talk about it on the comment box below!

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  1. I just sold my Charm Travel Pro v.3 because I never really got to use it, having little time to fuss with more than evening out my skintone, applying mascara, blush and lip color. But now I wanna grab this set instead! Haha. Even just to look at, sitting pretty at my dresser.

  2. love it ms. shen! so pretty <3

  3. great look Shen - glam yet work appropriate!

  4. Love the brows, Shen! And Im impressed at your brush skillz! I only have my Real techniques core + starter and super dami kong uses for all of them! Maybe I should get this Charm Pro set out para di malaspag my RT brushes.

    The Misty Mom

  5. So pretty! It's so nice to finally meet you at the event last Saturday :) <3


  6. ganda lang ng brows mo no te! love em!


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