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They say that trials come and go and that we just have to hang on and believe that the next day will be better. I've been really negative for the past few weeks with work taking its tolls and a number of things adding to it... But remembering that tomorrow is another day... well, it helps me in keeping my sanity and at the least, hopeful that I do better.

That's why I appreciate all the things that come my way, no matter how little and especially when they're big and unexpected. Just recently, Beauty Box Corp. sent their latest acquisition to me. They gave me tons of goodies from land of the rising sun and quite possibly the chicest country in Asia, Japan!

One of which is the brand Fairydrops, which compared to K Palette is a bit loud and quirky. The Packaging alone makes you think of night life in Tokyo. Founded by Aya Yasuda, a Japanese Anchorwoman in MLB LA, have always wanted photogenic eyes and face.

I honestly can't imagine why because she's gorgeous. She reminds of those Korean actresses. But I guess like all women, we all try to improve our looks and along the way, find the best solution to address it. Aya Yasuda took it to her own hands and created her own line of makeup. Quite easy since her father was one of the top 10 business conglomerates of Japan.

One of those products under Fairydrops is the Candy Bar BB Cream which I got to try:

But before I talk about Candy Bar BB Cream, here's what Fairydrop's got to say about it:
What it is:
A BB Cream that makes skin look flawless even while on camera with 5 treatment essences
5 kinds of treatment essence to moisturize and for healthy glowing skin: Hydrolyzed Collagen, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Jojoba Seed Oil and Panthenol
This oil-free, waterproof and lightweight formula BB Cream has micro-gold pearls that hide scars and freckles, diffuses light to hidewrinkles and smoothens and softens skin 
What else you need to know:
No SPF. SPF gives off a white cast when one is photographed
Doesn’t look flat on skin
Comes in two shades: Ochre and Light Ochre 
How to use it:
Apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin.
Spread with your fingertips or with applicator sponge
Apply loose powder to set it
Let sit for a few minutes if one wants to build up the coverage to avoid it from caking
What I love: (at least on makeup front and not on it doubling as skincare)

  • Light Ochre matches my skin tone! And you know how hard that is to say about BB Creams
  • The sponge applicator makes it easy for me to apply the cream
  • Provides light to medium coverage
  • Stays on for hours (despite oilies seeping through)
  • Dries into a semi-matte finish
  • Great at controlling the redness on my face
  • Can skip concealer if you don't have very dark blemishes or pigmentation.
  • Brighten skin easily
  • Come in a cute packaging (always a +, if not entirely important)
  • Photographs well (as you can see on the photos)

What I don't:

  • Like other BB Creams, oil control is still not it's best feature.
  • Can be quite expensive to some. This cost Php1550.
  • Shades are limited to fair to medium skintone.

If you're iffy about sponge applicator due to hygiene or that it wastes too much product, you can just twist the cap and use the nozzle.

Personally, my radar isn't really on a look out for BB Creams. Thanks to this blog that I get to try them and it seems you, my dear readers, are interested in BB Creams. So here I am trying it for you all and I'm glad to report that it's a great product to try. If money isn't an option and you think that (like me) makeup is worth every penny, then I can say that this one is. Especially is you're the type who loves Asian-made cosmetics like BB Cream.

BB Creams continuously take over the beauty industry and with every brand that comes out, we (or at least a big chunk of beauty lovers out there) clamor for the next one, especially when they have add-on features just like the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream with it's sponge applicator and micro-gold pearls for better coverage.

Have you tried Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream? If not, I think this is worth putting on your wishlist this Christmas. :)

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  1. wow!the coverage of that bb is nice!
    im not really much for bb but i love their finish.
    the dewy finish is awesome but then it makes me break out...too bad.

  2. currently using snoe bb cream its working for me nmn and its not expensive pa.

  3. I'm torn between this bb cream and etude's. :( my main concern is oil control.. Most of the bb creams i have tried made my face really dewy.. Dewy in an ugly way :(

  4. Sis, you're super radiant. :) I love your positivity, basta, Team E loves you forever! :D


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