David Beckham Pour Homme | Zest, Spice and Pure Masculine

Boy do I love men who smells great. I don't even mean good-looking men. Because like me, I'm sure men feels insecure about their looks, too. But unlike us women, they have less options. We have makeup and A LOT of skincare to take care of us. But men can do a lot with perfumes...

I've said it many times over, I don't necessarily go for good-looking men. No, I don't need 'em looking like Beckham. I can see pass the uglies if he has a pure heart, great shoulders and of course, he smells absolutely divine. And that usually means expensive and tasteful scents!

But I'm picky with perfumes! :) I like sporty scents.. especially the citrusy spicy ones. And David Beckham collaboration with Coty is exactly that. The mix of citrus and spicy ginger makes a favorable top notes. 

It was no surprise to know that the new David Beckham fragrance just makes me want to nuzzle my face on my boyfie's neck whenever he wears this.

I don't usually blog about men's fragrances but I just had to with this one. It's great for men who lives an active lifestyle, especially those engaged in sports. Within the heart are the scents of leather, cashmere and rosemary. then it settles down with the woodsy and musky scents of mahogany, patchouli and musk.

I think that perfumes should be done by consultation especially if you're with someone. I like that the boyfriend seeks my advise whenever he purchase a bottle of perfume. He wants to know if I'll like his choice... and if I do, I show him how much. :) #naughty

David Beckham created a perfume that he feels reflected his lifestyle, a busy and yet laidback kind of guy. Professional athlete who is always on the best-dressed list but at the same time loves the comfort of a plain white tee and rugged pair of jeans, of which he looks good in regardless.

Although R and I don't live like the Beckhams, I like the fact that we both favor this scent. :) And I do love to snuggle with R when he's wearing this scent... wearing only this scent. #PG13

David Beckham is available at your favorite malls and department stores nationwide!

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David Beckham is exclusively distributed by LuxAsia Philippines

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