Back to Balance Juice Cleanse Helped With My Skin

As much as I would want to say that I live a healthy lifestyle, I can't. A better way to describe is that I'm a bacontarian, junkitarian, fastfoodtarian and I enjoy dessert a lot. I am in no way within the vicinity of healthy. When I did the before the big Day Program with Nadine Tengco, it was probably one of my most proudest moment.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep the weight at bay. It was so damn hard.... Although I try to eat healthy, it's just not within the purview of my lifestyle to keep having veggies as my diet. First off, I don't eat vegetable.. at least not like a normal person. I eat only a handful and it depends on how it's cook even. It's a sad fate I know but that's the story of my life. Please don't hate me...

If you've been following me on twitter, facebook or instagram (thank you to all those who follow on every social platform), you must have seen my juice cleansing day one Saturday. Why you ask I did such a thing.

Two reasons

  1. I haven't been feeling well on the inside. (meaning, I feel that my body's been giving up on me lately).
  2. I needed a break (from the junkfood, etc.)

Although many people consider juice cleansing as a form of diet, for me it was sort of just plain cleansing. Nikki of Food Solutions, advised that I only do the 1-day cleanse to not shock my body, so I did.

Prep stage:
I avoided eating unhealthy food, cooked meals instead and added veggies was the way to go. So I had yaya cook soup meals (sinigang, nilaga, paksiw) and increased the veggies in the mix. I needed this two-day prep to give my tummy allowance as it will be taking in a full-liquid diet for a day! Yikes!

How did the juices get me?
It was delivered of course. I called up Nikki and told her I wanted to do the cleanse on weekend. So she scheduled tit to arrive at the office after work, Friday. Kuya Rider, delivered the juices to the office in this cooler bag. Barely took me 3 minutes to pay and complete the transaction.

*It's important to keep the juices refrigerated as soon as you receive them to keep the freshness.

Day of the Cleanse

8:00 AM:  Bottle #1 ENERGY BLAST smoothie
(your choice of brewed coffee or herbal tea & 8oz Distilled Water)

This is the heaviest and thickest among all the juices and probably the hardest to finish (because you feel full almost immediately). It's like a smoothie! Because it contains banana and other fruits along with herbs and vegetable, it was very filling! And oh so tasty. I love that it's sweet (they use Stevia as natural sweeteners). I love this drink so much despite the fact that a bottle was too much for a one time drink.

10:00 AM Bottle #2 Chili Lemonade
(with ground flax)

My favorite as it tastes like a cocktail without the booze. I finished this in under 2 minutes I think. Which I regret and wished I paid more attention and savored the flavor. It's so good that you'd think it's not healthy at all. BUT IT IS! Chili and Lemonade helps with improving the body's metabolism. Quite a genius approach after such a heavy juice in the morning.

I didn't even mind the ground flax I added in it... and i just love the spice in it!

12:00 PM |Lunch: Dairy-free "Cream of Pumpkin Soup" with Chewable Papaya Enzyme Tablet
(With Hebral Tea and 8oz Distilled Water)

It's not so bad. It's not a bland as I thought it was but it was difficult to finish since the taste was singular. It did feel like eating baby food but the taste wasn't that bland.

The papaya enzyme was tasty, too. Like chewing vitamin C without the bitter taste.

2:00 PM: Bottle #3 Kidney Cleanse High Density Antioxidant Drink
(with 8oz Distilled Water)

See that green bottle right there? Looks scary, noh? I know! I closed my eyes and actually pinched my nose when I drank this but when there wasn't the bitterness or grass-y taste, I opened my eyes and drank it like a boss! It was yummy. I know it's crazy given coz the content appears too gross, but it's good! It really is. For someone who's an iffy as I am with green-leafy stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed this drink. After this third drink, I just know that I can get through this cleanse.

4:00 PM Bottle #4 Liver Detox Smoothie
(with 8oz Distilled Water)

This has similar taste as Kidney Cleanse. It's just as good so I presume that the add one fruits and sweeter is just the same. I'm not sure since these are secret recipe of Food Solutions. I'm just glad that it's not like I'm sacrificing and suffering too much with this Cleanse.

6:00 PM Bottle #5 Salad in a Bottle High Density Oxidant Drink
(with Herbal Tea)

Drum roll please.... So, what do you think this juice tasted like? Same as Liver but just a tad bitter. It didn't taste like salad at all. It actually tastes nice. Nothing I can't tolerate. I downed this same as I did the Kidney Cleanse and the Liver Detox. Unfortunately, I was feeling hungry just after an hour from finishing this drink. My tummy, I think isn't use to the all-liquid-no-chewing-diet or that the cleanse is actually speeding up my metabolism (which I read happens to some people). I was feeling irritated and couldn't wait for the next juice so I can already go to sleep.

8:00 PM Bottle #6 Grasshopper High Density Antioxidant Drink
(with Herbal Tea or 8oz Distilled Water)

Thankfully, Grasshopper tasted yummy and didn't resemble like a grass (Nadine Tengco's really making easier to anyone to cleanse). But much like the last 3 juices, my tummy digested this really quickly and in an hour I was hungry again.

The effect:

What I noticed was that my brain was craving for the usual food I use to eat over the weekend. I missed chewing and eating rice. Since the BF didn't join me with my juice cleansing, he ate the regular meal and I was so tempted to eat regular meals. But good thing I was able to hold off of it.

Cleansing though, as I've researched isn't really strict. You can take a bite or two but just not something that you'd normally eat (unless you eat like a rabbit), steamed veggies are okay and bites of fruits. Nothing too heavy as the tummy is adjusting. Although I would still recommend you not to chew/eat anything just to keep everything uniform and to not overwhelm the tummy.

Did my bowel differ? Not really. Since I just did the one-day cleanse, my bowel the next day was pretty normal (better if I may add). One-day Cleanse doesn't really offer so much of  difference except  that you'll feel really amazing on the inside.

How it helped with my skin!

The 20 pound of pure vegetables and fruits inside my body made me feel good. What I noticed as well was that my skin looked great after a week. My pimple lessened and my skin was glowing. I think the fact that I eliminated the dairy-intake really did help, not to mention that fruits and veggies do create wonders to a body! It was easier to choose healthier meals after. I went for Japanese cuisines instead of my usual McDo or KFC. I lessened my alcohol intake, too. Although I still get one or two pimples, it wasn't as bad as it before. My face was less oilier, too.

I was right that it was my food intake that's been giving my acne. Well, what do you expect. After all, what you take it shows in your body. And though I am nowhere near going to a healthy lifestyle, I am glad that I have juice cleansing to keep me balanced or a t least provide me with all the necessary nutrients.

Over all, the Back to Balance had a positive effect on my body and my face (yey!). For Php2,500 a set, I'm definitely going to this again on my next free weekend. :) And why shouldn't I? The juices taste great, lessens my junk food intake and my skin looks amazing!

It was a great decision to order this instead of doing to the facial salon and just targeting the surface problem of my skin. Now, it feels like I'm helping both my face body heal from the outside as well on the inside. So just before hitting the derma, I advise that you try this first. Just

If you want to do this during school or work week, make sure the juices are refrigerated to keep them fresh. Try doing this on weekend though as I think it's much better in order to gauge your reaction to an all-liquid diet. :)

It's definitely a win-win with Back to Balance Cleansing Diet.

To order call Nikki Jillian Ang-angco at 09175556479.

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  1. HiddenMickey16/12/12 10:13 AM

    Do you know where I can reach her online? (Blog, Twitter, etc. parang ang weird kung bigla akong magtetext sa number just to ask the ingredients hehehe) Not that I'll "copy" her recipe, but for these things kasi, what you actually pay for is the convenience. Busy people don't usually have the patience for juicing. I was supposed to try the Juju cleanse before but I found it rather expensive, so I just bought my own machine. Tyagaan nga lang talaga sa pag-juice.

    Sorry if the first comment seemed judgmental. I'm just really suspicious of products which claim to be healthy, but in reality is just marketing (Think meal replacement shakes, L-carnitine drinks and the like)

  2. Keribels lang! But I'm sure na wala siyang preservatives. She was my nutrionist before and she's OC with her juices (not only cleanses, she's been doing this na for a decade i think).

    I think you can just text the number and ask for the e-mail there. Nadine tengco is also on facebook. :) If you've been reading my blog, you'll notice I don't blog so much about "speed" dieting. I don't believe it that. besides, lakas makapimples ng bad diet. :) LOL

    And I don't think she's really marketing this... i bought this and actually was the one who approached them to try. I think she offers this to her clients and off hand through word of mouth lang. :)

  3. ang galing! will try this too!

  4. jill sabster16/12/12 10:13 AM

    See, I told you nutrisyon lang ang solusyon sa clearer skin! Try mo na rin prenatal vitamins, pampakinis ng kutis:p

  5. Oo nga! type ko na magprenatal. kaso baka naman i'll gain weight. :)

  6. I've been wanting to try out something similar, with Edgy Veggie. I was reading your description of your eating habits and I laughed out loud, it was like you were describing me. I'm probably even worse at veggies. Pero gumanda nga skin mo! Eto rin naman talaga yung reason why I want to try eating more veggies kasi vain ako sa skin. :)) You look great, Shen! Definitely worth checking out. I think I need cleansing, too (what with my fried diet and alcohol consumption)

  7. Super love these juices. ang sarap! Be ready ka lang magutom kasi di sanay ang tummy natin di nagddigest. :)

  8. HiddenMickey16/12/12 10:13 AM

    Ay bakit hindi nire-reveal ang ingredients? That's kinda not fair. Who knows what they're putting in there. Dapat sabihin nila kung anong nasa juices so that the customers will be able to make well-informed decisions about the cleanse. I wouldn't want preservative or other chemicals for example. Cleanse nga e.

    I don't know, the "secret recipe" part is disturbing for me. Baka naman nakiki-bandwagon lang to sa juice cleanses pero chemical-laden product naman pala. Personally, I have a juicer at home and just buy organic fruits and vegetables from the market.


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