What If: Shen's Addiction Magazine

My first attempt at making a magazine cover. What do you think?

When I was younger that I wanted to work for a magazine. During summer, I would buy scrapbooks and fill it with articles ala Candy Magazine and make a cover out of old magazine clippings - sometimes I would draw them, too. I would write about how to impress your date, what beauty products are best for oily skin and fashion police type of posts. I would also write stories about issues on insecurities. Nothing too long, just sort of blurbs. I do my research at beauty department stores and groceries and I ask my classmates and my friends when I conduct interviews. :)

But I'm not good with writing, I knew that when I worked for a real life magazine. I have great ideas, yes but my skills aren't at par with the ladies that now make every single cover we read each month. They are exceptionally talented with words. Amen to them! :)

But that's alright. Thanks to the world wide web, even with a lack of writing skills, I still get a chance to express myself through this blog. You guys understand even if I can't precisely express myself in words. That's why I try to make my posts visually-engaging for you to stick around. #lol

Which led me to a new discovery, I have a knack for layouting and designing. :) It's still rough around the edges as there's a lot of technicality involves. I am still learning the ropes on Photosho but I think I can do a lot better with practice. I hope to learn InDesign and Illustrator soon. I can't wait to do more layouts for your guys. :)

I'll post the products I used for this magazine cover next week. :)


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  1. You're really talented with layout! I always admire your simple but catchy style Ms. Shen! What lipstick are you using in that photo? Beautiful!

  2. Nice one! Keep them coming! :)

    April / @dAPOLicious


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