Mememe Goddess Rocks | Luxe Bronzer for the Holidays

Despite the crazy things that are happening in our country, I still love living here. After watching the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith said something truly that made a mark on me, soemthing I truly connected with... As much as this place has taken so much from me, it has also given me every reason to live. I know it's easier to run and it's easier to give up and say "to hell with it." But if there's one thing I know, one thing i'm sure of, I love my country and I will continue to defend it to those who disrespects it along with my own pride and my own reputation.

And who doesn't love the vain-fact that we can bronze night and day no matter what season we're in. It's the country wherein bronzers isn't an option, it's practically a must! :)

Here's a bronzer that's great for this coming holiday season. :) Meet Mememe Goddess Rock Luxury Bronzing Rocks (Php825.00 at MakeupHolics). It reminds me a lot of the one from The Body Shop. This one though is a cool pinkish bronze/gunmetal finish. It's satiny and gives a slight sheen when applied.

I wouldn't advise using this a contour though given it's texture. It's more for a glam effect than it is for doing basic makeup. Get this if you like to party and add a bit of pizzazz to your look. :)

AS you can see in the photo, it's complimenting to my skin and pair well with a pink blush. :) It's great neutral makeup for that extra fabulousity. :)

You can use a medium dense brush to apply this or your regular angled blush brush. Less dense the brush the better. :)

Mememe Goddess Rocks Luxury Bronzing Rocks is available at MakeupHolics. :)

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