Makeup For Ever Maquillage Professionnel: Learning Maquillage du Soir (Evening Makeup)

As a blogger of beauty and someone who pursues a career in the beauty industry, I need to constantly update my skills in makeup application. Up to this day, I never regretted the fact that I went and got a certification in makeup artistry. I understand that many people in the industry don't necessarily think of this as important. After all, it's the  skills that people pay for and not the certificate. But I am in awe all the time of the things I learn whenever I attend a class, especially during the days of my certification course. And quite recently when I attended a class for Maquillage Professionnel.

Maquillage Professionnel offers a unique take on makeup artistry, they teach the French way of cosmetic application and personally, I think that that sets them quite apart from other schools in the Metro. Their base techniques are much coveted and envied by many. Using only Makeup Forever products, which we all know have the highest quality and are often the choice of Pro Makeup Artists, students already have a feel and see what their future in beauty would look like with single swipe of brush.

What we learned that evening, Maquillage du Soir or Evening Makeup, isn't even a tip of the iceberg when one enrolls in Maquillage Professionnel. Each Module is intensive and covers a lot of grounds. Mickey tells us that MP is not just abut lecture, students will come out armed with knowledge and experience every single day they attend a class. With free use of Makeup Forever tester products and products, any women can come in and start the path to becoming a real makeup artist, for themselves and for others.

Yuki (Chief makeup artist for Makeup For Ever) speaks with a lot of pride of the products they carry. You can feel the passion in her voice and in her work whenever she applies the makeup on her model. Although I know that one can really use anything, it's really the way you use it, there's nothing like a good quality made makeup to help make it easy for you to beautify someone else. During class however, they do not limit their students with just Makeup Forever, they do not sell makeup either or sway their students to purchasing exclusive MF products (a great sigh of relief for me). Base on Yuki's experience, the students themselves buy the products after seeing how well it performed during their classes.

You really don't need to oversell a product when people get to try it and see for themselves how good it is, Yuki said. :) Exactly my thoughts when I used them during the Maquillage du Soir lesson. I was already computing how much of my savings I can use to get me the Duomat foundation and setting powder, as well as the lifting concealer. The eye shadows are extremely pigmented, you don't even need a base!

As for the teachers, Yuki is amazing. For the personal makeup course, she makes sure that each concern you have are addressed, questions are answered. I was surprised with all the tips and tricks I learned from this class. 

What knowledge I took home with me after this class?
  • How to properly conceal my dark blemishes with correctors. You dab it just a little, do not overpower your spots with it.
  • How to make my makeup last up to 8 to 12 hours. Primers or base is always the key!
  • I learned how to properly contour my nose. Tilt your head up and start apply the shadow from the edge of your nostril then move upwards! Blend to diminish harshlines.
  • You don't need a lot of brush to achieve a fabulous makeup look! You just really need to invest in good ones and you're good to go!
  • I now have a renewed love for foundation brush and sponge!
  • Lighting is important so you can check your makeup in different ambiance.
There's more but I will be slowly share them with my tutorials so visit my blog often. :)

But of course, will be sharing a diagram of how I created my Maquillage du Soir look during this class. :) The outcome here should be flawless, well applied and it should last all night. :)

The result:

With the Fabulous teachers of Makeup For Ever Maquillage Professionnel, Robert, Mickey and Yuki! You made my day! Thank you, Ms. Yuki, for welcoming us and generously imparting your knowledge. It is no surprise that you are hailed as one of the best makeup artist Makeup For Ever global has ever known. :)

Yuki's Maquillage du Soir look inspired me to go out and have some fun at my favorite club and dance the night away. I feel like my 21 years old version of myself with this look. :) I can't wait to replicate this!

Thanks Cecile, Jenny and Kira for making me a part of this class! :) I enjoyed learning from Yuki and Mickey!

I really felt that my skills have improved exponentially after this class. There is no doubt that if and when I get the extra bucks to study again and take my makeup artist skills into a whole new level, I would definitely enroll in Maquillage Professionnel. And should I choose to pursue it as a career, this school is also willing to help me out through internship.

MP provides all their student a chance to use their new skills in actual settings like in theater, fashion shows, editorials and more. The teachers take in students who excels and give them a 6 months program where in they can better hone their skills through experiences and having real clients. They encourage students by providing them mentoring on how to move about in the beauty industry and how to sell yourself as a talented makeup artist. Just thinking about it makes me what to enroll already. 

Have you ever thought of enrolling a makeup school? Should you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I'll try to help you out!

For those of you who are interest and would want to inquire about Maquillage Professionnel, you may visit their website ( and check out their programs and gallery. :) 

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