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Finally, a sampling site here in the Philippines!

Whenever I go to the mall and I'm caught by a sales lady to buy their latest skin care innovation, I can't help but ask if they have samples or trial packs. Something to that'll allow me try it out first before buying the bigger size. Y'all know we Pinays are suckers for free stuff. :) But most of them don't and often times, you only get these samples when you actually buy something from their brand or store.

Life's amazing because now I get to try something first before committing to buying them. I always think that you should only be committed to your family, friends and loved ones... For products, I think it's free for all. LOL. And Sample Room has made my dreams come true by helping me decide if a product is worth every penny.

I've known about Sample Room for months now but I didn't know how helpful and great it's going to be for beauty enthusiasts like me.

  1. You won't have to pay a single cent for samples! They believe that SAMPLE should be FREE.
  2. You only pay for shipping! 
  3. You get to try and test a product before purchasing it full-size.
  4. You can join a community with same concerns as you do.
  5. You get to save a lot of money. :)
  6. Your stress is reduced in experiencing products that are duds. 
  7. You'll love testing out beauty products!
  8. There will be a wide variety of reviews that is available on the site, thanks to participants like us!
  9. If you live in the provinces, you'll love SampleRoom for sure because you, too, can try it!

That's why I didn't hesitate a bit when Sample Room Team asked me to be a Partner Blogger. Similarly on my blog, you'll see me on sharing my own experiences about the sample's I've tried. Girls with large pores, oily and acne-prone skin, better check out my reviews! I plan on being active there. :)

How does Sample Room work? Check out the infographics I made. The idea is to treat Sample Room as a store... except that what ever you'll get, you'll get for free!

With the Sample Room Team, Diana, Nats, Sophie and Kats!

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