Guest Post by Duke: The Purple Groom Ambassador

Hi everyone! I'm Duke and I'm taking over my mom's blog for awhile.

Few weeks ago, Mom and Dad took me to the new Purple Groom Salon at California Garden Square to visit Tito Jayme's new Purple Groom salon. They have over 4 now, I think. We favor Tiendesitas more but that's because we live near Tiende. We've been "suki" of Purple Groom for years now and I love it!

When my Lola's favorite groomer left the salon he was working at, Mom and Dad had a hard time finding a new groomer for me. Not until Tito Jayme's dad convinced my mom to try out Purple Groom. Like Mom, Tito Jayme's family has cute pomerarians, too so that convinced her to try out TPG.

And now, I'm their Dog Ambassador! And I couldn't be more pleased. Like mom, I don't want to endorse something I've never tried before and I can tell you know that TPG is the best grooming salon... Tata, Junior,  Aris and the rest of the TPG people are great. They love me so much and they reprimand my parents if I'm not being well-taken care of. I think they love me as much as my parents and grandparents does. And Tito Jayme, he's cool!

Of course my mom should be in the picture, too! :) She's the reason why Tito Jayme asked me to be his dog ambassador. Because mom is a successful and beautiful beauty blogger!

Purple Grooms's latest Salon opened at California Garden Square in Mandaluyong and it's got quite a space for y'all dog lovers. CGS do have quite a numebr of tenants that have dogs and I'm sure they'll appreciate a walking distance dog grooming salon in their area.

I met a lot of dogs that day but I'm pretty much aloof. I'm like Dad, I'm quiet and I don't like being told what to do. Mom is such a social butterfly who keeps on talking and talking and talking and laughing and then talking some more with her blogger friends. I don't really care. I just want my grroming done and get it over with. And I'm not being a diva... I'm just chill like that.

That's Liam, our photographer dog, and his pretty friends. We kind of look a noh? That's me on the left. A diffrent like of hair cut. I think Junior and Tata gives the best groom. But I don't mind this one. My nose is always wet after grooming, I don't know why.

I'm looking at a food! I don't like cameras but hey, this is the life of a celebrity. I gotta get used to this. Mom's a natural. She's so pretty!

I'm turning Japanese... Well, I'm tired already!

With Tito Jayme, my mom and dad.

So happy it's done!! :) I don't really like to be in the limelight. I don't understand why I'm an ambassador. I just sleep, bark, eat, sleep and play everyday. I think they got me just because of my pretty face and great fur... Isn't that too superficial? I think I should do more... Like join a cause or engage in extra curricular activity.

Here's more photos of me after grooming at Purple Groom. And I'm not the only ambassador in the family! :) Everyone one is!

Got groomed before visit to the Vet. I love Doc Xtian but I hate needles.. :( Tata made me look swanky and his bear cut is the bomb. I like him. He's on my Christmas List. Mom, we need to get Tata something for Christmas. Him and Junior.

Duchess and I, waiting for Cleo to finish.

Raja's getting a lot of attention. I like it. So people don't bother me anymore, only him.

Cleo looks sweet but she's a she-devil. I don't like her very much.

Raja loves the camera. Mom like to take his picture a lot because he doesn't squint.

Cleo.. uugghh! She's so messy!

That's Duchess, she hates camera, too. Yeah, that's how we roll.

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