Bath Time Escape: Pevonia De-Aging Saltmousse in Mango Passion Fruit

Whenever I feel I need to get away... you know, go on vacation -- but can't -- I bring my Pevonia De-Aging Saltmousse in Mango Passion Fruit with me in my bath and lavish on the luxurious feel and scent of it. It has a lakas makasosyal feel, definitely. But most importantly, it's not rough on the skin. The scent is authentic and the results right after is amazing.

How it works:
De-Aging Saltmousse gently removes dead, dry skin cells from the body and encourages new cells to rise to the surface, resulting in a more radiant appearance. Mango and passion fruit brighten, nourish, repair and heal the skin, leaving it beautifully soft and illuminated. The gentle texture manually removes dead cells while lightly foaming for extra comfort. Prematurely aged areas are renewed and the protective antioxidants prevent those signs of aging from returning. The heavenly mango-passion fruit scent wraps the skin in light, tropical notes, leaving it freshly scented for wear throughout the day. Suitable for all skin types. -
The scent alone is like a short vacation. As if I'm sipping a fresh mango shake from Jona's. The salt in the mixture is as soft as the white sandy beach of Boracay. No wonder most hotels carries Pevonia in their spas, it completes the experience of relaxation.

Given the stress that I am under at work and at home, I relish little moments such as scrubbing my body with luxury products like Pevonia's De-Aging Saltmousse in Mango Passion Fruit. It's the little pleasures I give myself for a great job done or for when I need a quick pick me upper.

Women these days take themselves for granted for some reason. We try and try our best to prove our worth when most of the time we hardly need to. If you're a women in a higher position and feel as if you always have to prove yourself worthy.... STOP! Seriously  take a minute, relax and just give yourself some quality time. Even just a 30 minutes scrub down in the shower.

You know you deserve it. :)

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