7 Things I Learned at the Shiseido Makeup Workshop

We are all pretty in our own little ways. We are... no matter what you look like, you are goddamn beautiful! We may not be able to don the cover of magazines, walk down the runway or make heads turn every single time but there is no one here who isn't gorgeous. It could be your eyes, your lips, smile or your cheeks. It could be anything!

I consider my eyes and my lips two of the most gorgeous features I own. I may have a snout of a nose, bucked teeth and bushy brows but I am quite happy to have lovable features. Finding happieness in little things can sometimes surprise you. Who would have thought that two of my best features would actually pave way for me to blog about numerous eyeshadows and tons of lipstick collection.
See how life can surprise you?

When I attended the Shiseido event and took part in their workshop, I was able to acquaint myself with the no makeup makeup look  again. It's all about keeping your makeup to bare minimum and yet hiding unnecessary flaws that you may have.

1. Invest in good brushes.

We were able to try Shiseido's Perfect Foundation Brush. It's like your regular flattop brush but it's slated and tinier. It's quite possibly one of the best brushes I've tried in a long time. It has the right diameter, it's slanted and synthetic. It blends any type of cosmetics from foundation to blushes.

It is expensive, yes. But knowing it's great beats out the trial and error I had to face buying cheaper ones at department stores and online. Believe me and that's because I've been there, if you've got great tools, you'll enjoy makeup more.

2. Believe in yourself.

Makeup is intimidating to most women and it's totally understandable. Just keep calm and makeup on! :) It's fun and you'll love it.

3. Attend workshops or makeup demos.

Nothing like learning from the pros. As a blogger, I'm lucky to have rare opportunities to get invited to events like Shiseido's makeup workshop with Miss Angela Boh. I love learning new techniques and tips that I can use on my own or with friends.

4. Look for products that are timeless and double duty

You've got the tools, and you've got the knowledge. Now go get products that got multiple uses like Shiseido's Camelia compact which double as a blush, a highlighter and even eyeshadow. It's very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Products like this will forever be useful and it saves you from purchasing too many stuff that you'll likely just use once or twice,. Shiseido released this compact in celebration of their establishing their mark in the beauty industry.

5. Experiment with different looks

Hold off on those ultra blue eyeshdaow and purple lipsticks just yet. You don't have to take it all in at once. Start with experimenting with neutral looks. Shiseido's latest collection plays a 3 simple makeup looks that can easily go from day to night. It's elegantly executed and of course, easy to achieve.

6. Practice on someone else

I got a chance to try out my skills on Teacher Patch during the Shiseido Makeup Workshop. She's incredibly pretty that I had so much fun doing her makeup.

It's important to harness your skills in makeup not only for yourself but for others. You never know when is the big event that would likely need your makeup skills.

7. Don't forget to test the products before making a purchase.

Make use of the testers, ask for a makeover or a demo before committing to a certain makeup products. I had so much fun during this event and I definitely learned a lot. But what I appreciate about this event is that I get to try it out many Shiseido products that I now include on my Christmas wishlist. :) And one of those it the Radiant Lifting foundation.

I would like to thanks Miss Angela Both, Shiseido Philippines and Thinline for making me a part of this enlightening and totally fun event! :)

I can't wait for the next one! :)

To know more about Shiseido, visit their facebook pagetoday http://www.facebook.com/ShiseidoPH.

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