What is a Woman of Confidence?

When I was asked to join the viral video for Chain of Confidence, I was speechless... It's one thing when you feel you're confident but when someone says you are and asks you to be a part of a video because they see the embodyment of a confident woman in you, now that's priceless.

And who am I to say no! :) Please watch the video campaign of Chain of Confidence.

What does makes a woman confident?

I have always considered myself confident... if only for the fact that a lot of things scare me and yet I still manage to push myself. Many have hurt me along the way and I'm quite suprised to see myself still standing. I can summon smile and laugh despite how hard this life has been because I can't see myself ever wallowing on things I can't change. I want to live my life!

But there was a time I didn't see the strong Shen that you see now in every post. There was a time my smile was unsure... Heck, I didn't know who I was. I just wanted to please to everyone... wanted to be like them. For once, to sit at the popular table and to be asked by the class hottie. But that didn't happen to me. I was the beauty geek that didn't quite fit the part. I was in no way beautiful who just fell head over heels with the world of beauty.

Same with everything, I came to a point to just let it all go and embrace who I was. No matter what kind of person I am, I was going to love me for me. It was the best decision I ever made. Because I like who I am! I'm not after all, that bad. I nurtured this love for beauty and found the confidence from it to pursue my dreams. Now I'm working for a great digital company, growing my blog, a class hottie did fall on love me and a home to call my own. And Though the every day always presents a challenge, I can say that I am happy to be me!

Confidence, I feel is the  greatest ammunition to the words "You can't do it." With confidence, you can face anything. In law school, Professor/Dean Riano once said that fear is nothing, it doesn't exist. And I agree! But for me fear is nothing because confidence is everything. 

When you are confident, you fear nothing.

When you feel confident, it's easier to smile. When it's easier to smile, it's easier to feel and look beautiful.

Thank you, Tupperware Brands Philippines,  seeing me as a woman of confidence! For making a me a part of something big alongside wonderful women celebrating confidence! Now I know that, Confidence... is my new beauty mark!

If you know someone in your family, group of friends, work or school whom you feel embodies a woman of confidence, nominate and celebrate her. Share her story with Chain of Confidence's Search for the 10 Women of Confidence! It's high time we acknowledge women for being strong, influential and confident!

Click the link and it will direct you to the Chain of Confidence app on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/tupperwarebrandsph/app_252965511490397

Let's do this, gorgeous! :) 

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