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They that a woman should be gifted with most luxurious lingerie as her body is a temple and should only be wrapped in delicate fabric... and of course, I agree. :)

Hot Pink has got to be one of those brands that has made a lot of "love" life happier. Although I have yet to dive into the world of laces and crotches, I am quite with the innovation that the owner of Hot Pink did to their store.

Now called Pink Curve, owners Kaye and Carlo now cater not only the those who are sexy... but also to those who want to feel  sexier, too. To be honest, lingerie intimidates me. Although I feel good about myself, I am not that comfortable with skimpy lingeries. That is why I always stop my guy from buying me any kind of lingerie.

This time however, I can definitely ask him to drop at Pink Kurve to get me the Bride collection of Body Wrap. :)

Take time to read about some of the brands that they now carry in their stores! :)

Pink Kurve currently offers four brands in their flagship store on the second floor of Powerplant Mall, Makati. Body Wrap, Sassybax, Pull-in, and Le Mystère each boast a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest.

Le Mystère, for example, specializes in producing lingerie for the full-figured woman. The New York-based brand is known for its “all about fit” design technique, with brassieres ranging from 32A to 44G. This addresses the common problem among top-heavy Filipinas who have difficulty finding comfortable pieces that fit them perfectly.
Pull-in, on the other hand, caters to a younger audience with its fun prints and bold colors. Designed in France and manufactured in Europe, Pull-in uses avant-garde techniques to make sure that the colors remain bright and the fabric prevents irritation.
In addition to its line of seamless shapewear, Sassybax from Los Angeles created a bra specially designed for breast cancer survivors who underwent surgery. The brand also offers functional pieces from its Pretty Collection—pieces that look like lingerie but work like shapewear.
(my favorite) Body Wrap is a Canadian shapewear brand that the Garcia couple introduced in 2009. Each style features panels with different control levels that maximize the effect on targeted areas

Pink Curve recognizes the fact that the demand for intimate apparel for the past years since they started doing this 7 years ago. Lifestyles have changed, science have given us more, men likes more choices and women want more luxurious things. A bra for women who survived breast cancer! How cool is that. Just writing about this, makes me cry. I can't imagine what a woman who had breast cancer would feel not being able to wear a regular bra. A simple things that can just bring me to my knees if ever that happens. But here is Pink Kurve, finally giving these women a chance to feel like themselves again.

Body Wrap is what a girl like me wants needs. It minimizes the bulges and create a seamless silhoutte that ever curvacious woman like me needs.

Pull-ins are a luxe underwear brand for men and woman. It's fun and quirky. Something for the less "stiff" guys who likes to stick with the tidy-whiteys! I love that it's full of prints. Give your man a box of intimates for a change. :)  Not to mention that it's uber soft!

Kaye and Carlo with their brand ambassadors. :)

And on that note....

I'm giving away Pink Kurve
Gift Certificates worth Php1,000!

All you have to do is like me on Facebook! I'm on a raise to reach 3000 likes. :) So when I reach that, I'll pick a winner among my loyal likers randomly and he/she gets to win a GC to use to shop at Pink Kurve! :)

 Pink Kurve is located at Located at 2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City, tel no. 8981959.

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