Honest Journalism? What's your REAKSYON about our Makeup "Addiction"?

When I learned about a tacky "informative" TV Show who tackled makeup addiction, I was appaled on how they portrayed a fellow beauty bloggers like me and how the experts lambasted a person who is passionate like many of us about cosmetics.

First, they failed to share the information that she is a successful beauty guru with thousands of subscribers.
Second, she is in no way bankrupt or in debt from buying cosmetics.
Third, brands go to her for her expertise in beauty.
Lastly, she's a makeup artist and beautifies many ladies who like her want to feel good about themselves.

To malign a person and insuate that he/she could be psychologically sick is worst thing that you can do. And to think that these experts didn't carefully choose their words. I would have assumed they know better having MD's at the end of their names...

How can they drop terms like Narcissistic Personality Disorder, low self-esteem and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder JUST LIKE THAT?? Do they know what those disorders mean and how constricted it is that it should not be used lightly on a regular conversation much more on a NATIONAL TV?

Truth is, I was sent an e-mail by the same TV program asking if I am willing to talk about my makeup "addiction" and if they can come over to my house to shoot my makeup collection. It's a good thing that I didn't reply to their message since I was apprehensive that they see my blog not as an informative one but rather a show of dependency on makeup.

The show didn't properly research on what Kabuki Effect means and what the study in Psychopathology of Cosmetic Dependense really mean. Excessiveness in the use of makeup is not in anyway a form of addiction. Dependency is another matter.

When you love makeup, same way as you do if you're a book worm, a crosss-stitcher or a stamp collector, you are not an addict. YOU ARE AN ENTHUSIAST.

The study conducted by the research team (not of the show but the actual study itself, whom I think ran out of good ideas for research) conducted an experiment and asked 2 groups of women (one "dependent" on drugs and the other, on "makeup" to completely go cold turkey. Many of the women who are dependent on drugs completely let it go but those women in the makeup group couldn't help themselves from swiping a lipstick or applying a blush.

That is how they came to a conclusion that MAKEUP IS 4X ADDICTIVE THAN DRUGS!!

Talk about POLAR OPPOSITES. It's like comparing eating candies to vegetables. Angels to devils!! Seriously, what is wrong with using a blush because you think your skin looks dull?? I mean, seriously?? I know we won't die if we don't use makeup, but we wouldn't die either from using it! Why stereotype us?

People keep on saying that we should be ourselves and not listen to what people say... and yet here they are forcing these studies down our throats. I am disgusted with people who think we can't live without makeup because we can! How dare they put someone on the hotseat and assume the worst??

IS that what you call honest journalism? No wonder many people now look up to bloggers and rely on them for unbiased news and reviews.

Okay, I give it to them for saying that too much of something is bad... but in no way does it represent the person they interviewed for that!

And for transparency, here's our e-mail thread... 

See how INSULTING and INAPPROPRIATE the e-mails were. She e-mailed me a few times more asking for my number. GOOD THING I didn't reply. I thank my guardian angels and my laziness in replying that I didn't go through with it. I would have sued them if they did that to me.

Honestly, I didn't properly read her messages so I kept on replying the first few e-mails. But looking at it after I watched the TV Show, I saw BLOOD RED. She didn't understand at all why this is called Shen's Addiction! That I use the term addiction a figure of speech! I don't know if she was living under a rock when she researched on who will be her "CASE STUDY" or if she was under so much stress. I don't care. This needs to be addressed. I'm not sure who she answers to but who ever the segment producer and the people higher in positions of that show are, everyone is at fault. You don't put out anything out there that can destroy someone's reputation and ruin her self-worth.

It's sad, pathetic and really aggravating the way they twisted everything... honest journalism just went right out the window.

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  1. I don't think the blogger was informed that she was interviewed to become a case study or a subject. And I think its unethical for those experts to conclude she's an addict without a proper consultation or diagnosis. Did they even meet her? Tsk.

  2. Bobbi Mercier-Uemura14/9/12 11:27 AM


  3. Tv5 researchers should learn how to REALLY make a research. I love make up. My cousin from the USA always sends me a lot of them. Most of them are Clinique and victoria secret. And since i have a lot of make up at my disposal i figure why not learn to use them properly. That's when i begun reading blogs and watching videos. And i have learned a lot from this bloggers. It's just sad that people like those from tv5 are "feelingera". Feeling nila alam nila lahat. Feeling nila tama ginagawa nila. Honestly i don't trust the news and public affairs programs of that station. Maingay lang sila pero wala silang essence. Para lang silang barya na maingay pero konti lang ang value.


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