Beso Night with The Girls

After we went to the launch of Shu Uemura's Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator and learned that it is possible to have glowing skin in mere 7 days, the girls and I didn't want to part ways just yet. Just before we test this new wonder serum currently the no. 1 skincare in Japan, we went out for drinks. Between Rocket Room and Beso, the latter won. Good thing because they serve great Sangria (Thanks to Sophie who raved about it) and I do love their wine selection. For a spontaneous night out, I am loving Beso.

We even saw Julia of Blessmybag, Jigs Mayuga and Char of Stratworks that night. BHS is really the place to be these days. :)

Here's the photos we took. Thankful to the photographer who took our group photo. :)

Martha's the baby in the group (not to mention that's she's the youngest in the bunch). :)
Me, Brigitte, Phoebe, Martha, Sophie and Tara. :)

Sophie and Tara

Me, Brigitte and Martha

Because we can't wait for the photographer or waiter to take our photos

The drinks menu that garnered a lot of attention from us. :)

My drink for the night, a glass of chardonnay. My favorite. :)

My 1st of September was memorable... ideal even. :) I wish all the months will start out this way. Nothing like spending quality chikka time with your friends. 

Cheers to TEAM E!

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