The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever!

I don't buy expensive shoes. I'm simply not the girl who would spend over Php2,000 for a pair of shoes that will probably curse with every step. I can't stand high heels. I'm flat-footed so wearing heels is like a scene at a SAW Movie and my punishment was wear heels. Even wedges. No matter how expensive, I can never stand them and in them!

So why waste money on something I would have to suffer in? I simply can't justify. I'd rather buy a nice pair of dress, bag or hello! Makeup!

Then I met the new collection of Crocs... They've injected style with comfort and came out with fabulous looking shoes that i think is made of clouds.

I tested the comfort and quality of these shoes yesterday when I walked from Robinsons Galleria to Valle Verde, about 1.6 km according to Google Maps. There was no discomfort whatsoever. Amazing!

It's life-changing really. I love wearing my new Crocs A-leigh Wedge. I have never been attached to shoes like this and yet I am. I'm currently saving up for Sammilee, a stylish pumps which I think is a heaven wear. :) :)

Check out some of my Crocs You lemming

Sammilee | Php4780

Thrilita | Php4750
And more of the new style from Crocs Women

A-Leigh | Php3,900

Adrina | Php2,900

Sexi Sandal | Php2,900

Geekgirl Manila won the New Crocs, New You Contest because of her ever so touching and inspiring story.  Crocs made her life easier, more fun and now life changing as she was styled by the famous fashion blogger/stylist, Laureen Uy.

Congrats, Lia! 

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