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Z Palette
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Php 500 to 900

The Dilemma: Too many eyeshadows, nowhere to store them.

I've had this dilemma for awhile now. I've seen a lot of youtube videos on how to create  your own palette and I've tried making them, I currently have 2 under my vanity station but they don't look good. CD cases, cardboard boxes, tin cans didn't cut it for me. Aesthetically, it didn't want me to take the palette and try it out. And there it went, still left unused eyeshadows.

Who can blame me, right? I've got some amazing eyeshadow palettes ready to use like my Urban Decays, Beauty Pro Cosmetics and Dollface.

Wen I looked inside one of my drawers, I was surprised how neglected some of my eye shadows are, I have a few from The Body Shop that I really really like that I'm not utilizing. I even got compact powder sitting inside their refill packaging. So sad. :(

My thanks to The Makeup Suite for sending a Z Palette Pro Case my way, I've given life back to some of my amazing shadows and blushers.

The answer: A magnetic palette that can house your palettes.

Not just a ratty makeshift palette. I have here something that can withstand a a makeup gig, travel and frequent use. Z

Z Palette is make of quality materials and looks professional and posh. It has a magnetic bottom that your shadow pans can adhere to quickly.

It's ideal for makeup artist, girls with OCD and makeup addicts alike. That's like me ! Lol

Pots and magnets comes with the Pro Palette.

The magentic stickers can be used for some palette that are panned in a non-magnetic tins. I have a few like that and these stickers really came in handy.

I haven't gotten around to using the pots just yet but I plan on pressing lipsticks and multipurpose mineral makeup in there. :)

These makeup used to reside in the dark drawers of my makeup station, unused! (Oh the injustice!)

FREEDOM!! :) and organization!

Z Palette + depotted makeup products = like a brand new makeup palette!

You got to love the see through palette that allows us to see the products immediately.

It folds in the back so it takes less space when using it. And look, the palette holds the products well. Unless you shake it really really hard and tap it like Hulk Hogan, the products won't fall down. :)

Logo and such at the back.

Dilemma solved!

For Php900 (Z Palette Pro), I've organized some of my favorite makeup products that's been kept too long inside my drawer and gave it a new home. :)

I definitely recommend this to everyone who has trouble organizing their makeup products.

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