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First time I heard about CC Cream was from G, a successful entrepreneur who owns her very own beauty brand named after her beautiful daughter. She mentioned that she has plans of creating one as it fits Filipina skin better and it's on top of the beauty trends in Europe and Asia.

My reaction? CC Cream? What is that?

Simply put, it's a better version and the next generation of BB Cream. If BB means Blemish or Beauty Balm, CC has a lot more meaning.

Chanel calls theirs Complete Correction
Rachel K's Color Control.
For some it's Complexion Corrector.

CC Cream provides more coverage and comes in range of shades to suit your skintone. It's a lot creamier and matte in texture to address the needs of those with oily skin.

I'm like whoa! Seriously? The only reason I wasn't a big fan of BB Cream was because of the "dewy" look it gives me. Now there's this product out there that gives me all the goodness of a BB Cream without the shine? I can't wait!

I seriously think that CC cream will replace BB Creams. Nothing like the promise of giving you a matte skin with skincare benefits that will have this selling like hotcakes. After all real girls have real skincare problems and we're constantly searching for solutions and real results.

Unfortunately, CC Creams is not yet available here in the Philippines. So far, the nearest we can acquire one is from Singapore or Hong Kong. Rachel K in SG while Chanel, iFiona and Misha in HK, China and Korea. I think Australia has these, too.

Although beauty brands and makeup resellers aren't eating up the idea of bringing this in at the moment, I feel that we are not too far behind. That one day, you'll be seeing it on counters same way that you see BB Creams now all over.

What do you think? Do you think CC Cream has a future in the Filipino market?

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  1. I will definitely purchase one as I have very oily skin. Looking forward for this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. You can now order online your Rachel K CC Cream at !


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