YumYum: UCC Park Cafe Cinnamon French Toast and House Blend Coffee

I'm not foodie, let me warn you. I'm not the type of person to go to a new restaurant to try something new. Nope, not that person. I like going to the same places and ordering the same food. That's exactly why you don't see so much food post here. :) I'm like the Sheldon Cooper who likes consistency when it comes to her munches.

So I hit up UCC Park Cafe at Burgos Circle earlier this week to (or was it last week?) for a bit of comfort food. You know my penchant for sweetness and you know that if I can eat it for lunch and dinner, I would... So that's exactly what I did when I had a sudden craving for French Toast... mind you, good french toast!

At lunch time I ordered Cinnamon French with a side of Bacon and a cup of Morning Blend coffee.

My favorite cup of joe at UCC, House Blend. :) I love their mini coffee perculator. It makes me feel special that they make a single cup just for me. Hehehe!

I missed my mom during this part since she would always ask the waitress to reheat the cup of milk for our coffee. She can't stand lukewarm coffee. :) She likes them real hot. One thing we don't have in common.

My favorite Cinnamon Toast --- Yum Yum Yum!!

This one of the best Cinnamon French Toast I've ever tasted. It's not the "nakakasawa" kind, it's tasty and with a drizzling of honey syrup, it just takes you to Christmas mornings.

And with a side of bacon, it takes you out of this world! :)

So goood!

Another pic of my favorite Cinnamon French Toast... :)


My bill amounted to about Php600. It's expensive, yes. But I love being at UCC. It's serene even at its most busiest. I like being at UCC since it makes me feel closer to my mom. She love this place so much... :)

Now writing this post makes me miss my mom and a plateful of Cinnamon French Toast!

Photos taken with iPhone 4 camera and Instagram.

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