Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara | A Road Test

Another mascara review people! I'll just show you my eyes for the meantime since my skin has been a little uncooperative lately. I'm totally breaking out and I just hate it!

Good thing we don't have pimple on our lashes, I'm not quite sure how I can live without a mascara. Come to think of it, I am addicted to mascara. I have about 10 opened and on rotation on my vanity.

A few of them are from Revlon. Personally, I think Revlon is up there when it comes to mascara.

But will their new Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara impress me?

With 3.7 rating and 66% who will buy this again from, I figured that it's possibly a good mascara. When reviewing of course, I don't always look for the negative things. I try to see if it actually foes what it promised and from there see if it really works. 

Mascara wand looks a lot like Benefit's They're Real lashes as the tips have spikes in it to reach lower and inner lashes. This makes it easier, more precise to coat all your lashes. That's why they call this 3D, because no lash with go uncoated with this mascara.

I do have generous lashes but my eyes are shaped in a way that's difficult to get to all the lashes. With this mascara, it's easier of course. Every nook and cranny didn't stand a chance.

See for yourself. I took photos of me applying the mascara and before and after pictures.

It's easy to use. Just use as you would regular mascara and turn the tip on to the hardest parts to reach. Another is to make it longer, by brushing the tip of the wand on to the tips of your lashes.

Amazing, right?
I recommend this to all those with sparse lashes, monolids and thin lashes.

I would say, get this! It's cheaper compared to high-end mascaras and really gives the thick lashes with putting on false eyelashes.

Truth: I don't toss out my mascara every three months. Nope! I don't! When you're just using mascara on yourself, you can get away with using it for another three months or until the product dries up or changes in consistency. Remember to keep it hygienic and properly closed. But for clients, I suggested tossing it out after three or use disposable mascara wand instead.

Addiction rating is 3.5. :)

You can get Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara at your favorite Revlon counters located at malls nationwise. :)

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  1. Hi shen! Promising product based on ur review! My concern next to volumizing power is if it is smudge proof? Thanks!

  2. this does look promising. I wonder if this flakes too? I'm currently using the Revlon Double Twist mascara but it flakes and it has an awful chemical-ish smell.

  3. Hi Shen. You said your skin is breaking out? Why don't you try going makeup-free for a week or two? Para lang mapahinga yung skin mo. I get the feeling kasi na you wear as in full makeup everyday, maybe your skin is irritated na with all the things you put on your face. I think you'll look just as good without makeup. :)


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