What is Perfection? By Lily Cole

This has got to be one of the most thought-provoking videos I've watched. It's an interview of Lily Cole on her perception of perfection and beauty. This video spoke volumes to me. I love how raw her thoughts are  and how she opened my eyes to seeing perfection in a different light.

Perfection for her is not particularly interesting. Advertising for beauty makes us feel that we are not enough until we look that. There is no authenticity. All of which, I agree with.

Let me take 4 minutes of your time to watch this video and hope it inspires you as it inspires me!


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  1. lalita_zilli1/7/12 9:17 PM

    Thats an amazing message

  2. the promise in its being imperfect is it's got potential to change... to see as a moment in time that never quite reached its end - on Da Vincci's painting ... nice!


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