@Solennheussaff But Wackier? To see is to believe!

Hey guys!

Are you a fan of Solenn?

I still remember her from her feature in Preview (i think) way way back when she was just a makeup artist /model! Now she's a Jane of all entertainment trades! She's in movies, TV shows, commercials, covers of the magazines and of course billboards! Now she's got a cute and fun online show, too! She clearly can do everything, noh?

I love how wacky she got here! I can totally relate with this one since I really have such a buhaghag (wavy) hair!

O di ba? She looks really different here. Definitely much more approachble and uber friendly that I migh just summon enough courage to finally take a pic with her when i see her at event. I really thought kasi she's intimidating.

Do you use Vitress? How is it? Coz I'm thinking of getting myself a bottle on my next store visit. Been awhile since I used it, eh.

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