Have You Ever Faked It? | Beauty Confessions Blogger Party

Benefit Cosmetics do have a knack for throwing the best events ever and this recent one topped the charts for me!

Me and some of Manila's top beauty bloggers had an evening of beauty confessions and it was a blast! Most fun I've had in years! :) Aubrey of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines and the rest of her team really did an amazing job of keeping us gushing out confessions the whole night. Along with that, the people who were invited are practically my BFF's like Jheng, Tara, Nikki, Phoebe, Row and Martha that sharing wasn't that of a dyahe.

This much-awaited get together was nearly like a bridal shower and everyone was just game to do every activities. From the dancing, confessing to Honest Leah to braving the Truth or Dare game. The word "No" didn't exist at all.

It was an evening of getting real and getting high with fake-its products from Benefit Cosmetics!

In tuned with the event of course, is to showcase two of their best-selling products Porefessional and They're Real Mascara. Currently two of my favorite products. Porefessional Primer gives you the confidence to be daring by giving you a flawless smooth pore-free skin while They're Real Mascara gives your lashes the ultimate length and curl.

Tons of goodies were given away to the brave souls who are honest enough to answer, "Have you ever faked it?" Of course, my grin mind thought of a different kind of "faking it". Yup! Samantha Jones was living inside me that night. LOL!

I was strong enough to resist eating too many sweets! But finally gave out after doing the activities. :) Sweet Bella does make wonderful cakes and pastries and their macaroons de paris are to die for!

Chika mode with beauty bloggers!

Beauty confession time. 

What I confessed? I fake being confident... Because deep inside I'm a real mess and I do have a lot of insecurities. Thanks to makeup and clothes, faking confidence is easy as it becomes my remedy to my bad skin, bulging tummy and short height. :)

Another confession is that I have a very big belly (nearly always looking like I'm pregnant). Clothes are my fake-it since it conceals my big belly from unwanted stares and judgement. :) 

Every after confession, we can choose a product from this vanity table! Yey! 

Mica Diva, Benefit's guest makeup artist, showed us how to properly groom and color our brows. :)

Benefit Philippine's Honest Lea and Spy Gal for the evening. :) We are loving their outfits!

 Merry Dancing passing the Porefessional around. Martha won this game!! :)

Then the Truth or Dare started.... and the rest was history! Hahaha!

Spin the wheel and await how your future will be decided.... 

Pick a card... Dundunmdunduuuun!

Thanks Tara for the pic!
I'd tell you what happened.. but I have to kill you! Joke! :)

Thanks Aubrey, Nina, Mica and Ynez for the fabulous evening! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next. :)

Tara and Nikki

Martha, Rowena and Liz

My Beauty Confessions loot. :)

I also got the book, Raising Eyebrows! Can't wait to share that with you guys!

Everyone left the event with a natural high! :)

Congratulations, Benefit! You do know how to throw a great party! :)

See you soon!

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  1. nice to meet you shen :) Great event!!

  2. mica torres7/6/12 2:02 PM

    That looks like so much fun Ms.Shen!! I wish I could get invited to those kind of events too. :)
    and btw, I think I saw you in gb last week. I was so starstruck and didn't know what to do and kept talking about you afterwards. Hahaha

  3. Issachavez7/6/12 5:34 PM

    looks like a great event!  you look cute on that photo with you dancing. :)  And I can't believe your confession Ms. Shen, you look like a very confident woman.  :)


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