Zen Zest Meets Bloggers at Cafe 1771

You've probably been living under the rock if you don't know the brand, Zen Zest. Its kiosks are all over the metro and probably all over the Philippines. Known for its variety of fragrances that suits all moods and quirks, Zen Zest makes it their business to make all Filipinos smelling lovely at an affordable price.

Blogging about scents isn't really my forte. I'm not good at describing but I think you should know about this brand and really encourage your to try it. To which i'm sure many of you have already tried it or currently using it.

I admit that I've never really tried any of their eau de toilettes until this event. The only thing I've tried were their tea tree oil that rivalved The Body Shop's. This time though, i quite enjoyed sniffing every scent Zen Zent have.

That day I became a fan of Magenta, Marigold and Thistle. There are even a few from the men's line that I like for Ron

Since scents are known to trigger memories, fellow blogettes and I enjoyed reminiscing through the Zen Zent fragrances .Oh boy did many of the men's fragrances made us think back on our foolish and childish ways (read: EXES). Hehehehe!

I really had fun at theis event. I love how intimate and lively this was. Michele and Nana really knows how to keep us engaged. We got enough of how the brand came to be, the products and of course, bonding and eating time with them and the bloggers. The yummy selection of food from Cafe 1771 had us filled through out the day! Of course, we couldn't resist taking pictures of us through the event.

Best of all, there was a good amount of time to get to know the woman behind Zen Zest. Michelle is everything that a career woman is. She's chic, stylish, loves cosmetics and treatments like the rest of us and utterly healthy! She shares her struggles in life, love and yes, even with her skin.

Michelle became successful because she is driven, never losing sight of what she wants and knowing how to get them. She is amazing, fun and chatty that made us feel like we're friends. Successful as she is, she seem to be very grounded.

All of us just hopes to be like her in the near future. :)

Beautiful girls with me. Jackie, Brigitte and Des

Right across us sat Ruth, Tara and Martha.

With Ava, Brigitte, Martha Jackie and Tara

Bloggers with Michelle of Zenzest, Zenzest and Nana Nadal peeps!

I was dressed appropriately for the Cafe 1771. :) Hehehe! 

Cafe 1771 at El Puelbo, Ortigas 

Having to meet wonderful ladies like Michelle of Zen Zest is one of the things I find I'm grateful I started blogging. Although honestly, I didn't expect this when I started to blog. It's moments like this that I feel like I got the most out of this blogging and not about the free stuff we get to bring home... 

I hope that girls and women out there who are encouraged to start their own beauty or fashion blog look forward to things like these and not just the freebies and the earning potential of a blog. Nothing is free and nothing is a swag. At the end, it's the people you connect with and got inspired by are the most priceless things you'll ever get from blogging.

I can't explicitly explain it, really. Like fragrances, it's not just seeing.. it's really about feeling it, liking it and knowing that it's not all about how it seem to be.

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  1. Arra Jurado22/4/12 10:32 AM

    I love zen zest!

  2. I always love Zen Zest esp. the tangerine scent that goes whether you're fresh from the shower or you're sweat soaked. Never get tired of it! 

  3. very nice event! 


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