Yum Yum: My New Favorite Iced Cold Drink | Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats

Good morning!! What a beautiful Summer day! It's Friday and pay-day at that. Yey!

Allow me to share with you what I did yesterday!

Thanks to Jollibee's newest offering, Chocolate and Coffee Floats, I got some serious energy to accomplish lots of things. I even got to blog when I got home after a long day at work, investors meeting and caring for my pups!

My first taste of this delicious, refreshing, sweet drinks was when I went to Jollibee's latest branch at Amang Rodriguez branch along Marcos Hi-way. Thanks to the beautiful, Kezia, she picked me up at work to have lunch at Jollibee. We bonded over our favorite Jollibee meals and their Choco and Coffee Floats with bloggers Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.com, Saab Magolona of saabmagalona.tumblr.comChico of ChicoGarcia.wordpress.com, Kring's Rep and this hot Australian blogger/model. I was also happy that I got to see Char after more than a year!

It was definitely one cool way to spend what used to be a boring lunch time. I didn't even feel that yesterday was the hottest day recorded this year! Not with these super cold drinks with my favorite sundae on top! 

Blogging about this now and seeing that melting sundae on those cool drinks is making my mouth water... I actually prefer Jollibee's sundae over other fast food restos. It's much creamier and sweeter. When I was tight in cash and couldn't afford lunchmeals back in college, I'd just get myself a sundae cone and I'd be good for the whole day.

Now they come with drinks, too! Shala!

Haii... they definitely got me. Iced choco and coffee are my weakness!

It's a good thing that Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats cost only Php45 (Even cheaper than those ice cream)!! And by adding 25 on top of your favorite Value Meal, you can get these instead.

Now my only dilemma is choosing whether to choose coffee or chocolate.

Hmmm... what to have.. what to have!

Since I can't decide yet... Take a look of my photos I took from yesterday lunch. :)

To my friends crushing on Enchong, you'll be seeing more of him when you visit Jollibee

Yum!! I didn't get to taste these babies because I was satisfied already with my Jollibee Floats!

Awww... Thanks, Jollibee!

Saab and BF. Such beautiful couple. :) Parang kami lang ni Ron. #chos

Vince and Chico talking about blogging. Chico has machismo in person! :)

With Chico Garcia. Officemate, Gene, wished I got his book signed by Chico. Sabi ko, next time! Hahaha!

With Jollibee float Brand Manager. Pretty!

Eye Candy blogger and model, . Sila pa lang, ulam na! :) Jollibee Floats covered the dessert part of our lunch, thank goodness!

Group pic! It was really an uber fun lunchtime for me that day!

I'm not surprise to love Jollibee floats, I've always been a fan of Jollibee desserts. Their peach mango pie, tuna pie (they're back!!), Swirly Bitz, Milo Blast and of course their classic choco hot fudge! :)

Jollibee desserts palang, solve na!

Jollibee kasi eh

collage hommage to my latest fave drinks. :)

Today, I will definitely have these babies again. One for lunch, the other for merienda. Good thing I work near Jollibee at the 2nd Stop at BGC! :)

See you there!

P.S. Expect more makeup hauls.. these Jollibee Floats will help me save tons of money since I'll be buying these instead of those expensive fraps and iced coffees.

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  1. Ooh my brother and I tried this the other day..sooo good :)

  2. The Australian model/blogger's Robbie Becroft. 
    http://www.robbieoffduty.com/ :)

  3. Andi Amoranto13/4/12 3:56 PM

    Love your outfit here, Shen! :D

  4. Thanks!! :) tiangge goodies as usual!

  5. Hi, Jessica! Which do you like best? Choco or Coffee? @ilovejollibee 

  6. Well, we only got two coffee floats cause the girl didn't say they had choco or maybe our minds stopped thinking when we heard coffee float..lol addicts :)) but it's like a really sweet iced latte..maybe like a hazelnut latte :) we loved it and cause of your blog, I had to tell my bro they also had choco, you'll see us very soon jollibee ;)

  7. Oh wow, these looks really yummy!!!  I wished our Jollibee over here has more variety of food. They recently discontinued Jolly hotdog and I don't know why...so sad  :(

     I love your outfit too!


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