Save more with Watsons Labeled Products | Switch and Save Campaign

Wondering how to save with your monthly groceries and other expenses? Let me share with my latest saving technique!

It is time to Swtich and Save, says Watsons Philippines. Watsons have some great in-house products that are really more affordable than our regular brands. Think SM Bonus when you see Watsons Label on your important personal care needs. It's cheaper but doesn't necessarily scrimp on quality.

I've been an avid fan of the Watsons Label. I buy their liquid handsoaps in bulk, their facial tissues and cottons. I also have a few tubs of their DIY Hot oil creams for when I'm in "tipid" mode.

Even if I'm picky when it comes to my makeup and food. I'm not really that kikay for other essentials at home. I go for cheaper alternative. Being an avid shopper of Watsons, I've learned to pinch pennies from their BOGO's, discounts and bundles. I also notice that there are barely any difference from the branded toiletries that I bought in the past. Sometimes they are even better.

Four major celebrities share my affinity for Watsons. That's Divine Lee, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Victor Basa and Patty Laurel. They are now the faces of Watsons Switch and Save and they encourage you to switch to Watsons label and save more money for more shopping opportunities!

Here are just a few items below that you can choose to switch to to save few extra pesos. :)

Do you have other tricks on saving? Share them with me at he comment section below! :)

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  1. i have been purchasing their shower gel for years na! laging buy one take one! tapos i got their cream moisturizing conditer - 1000ml! for buy one take one din! also, their cotton buds, coreless tissues, the list goes on!

  2. I hate going to Watsons. Kasi pag tumapak na ako sa Watsons, napapagastos talaga ako. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I'm glad Watsons everywhere na plus the super affordable stuff they sell talagang nakakatempt bilhin. my mum buys their hand wash in bulk din. hehe ;)

  3. claymore206213/3/12 7:03 PM

    I love Watsons, great for saving on beauty products like their masks! :) 

  4. Speaking, who doesn't love their adorable freebies and products on sale? I get crazy whenever I visit Watsons. Too bad, we dont have a branch here in Butuan, so might buy in bulk when I get the chance to visit Cagayan de Oro =)

    Thanks for the tips...

  5. I've always believed that you needn't spend a lot to look and feel gorgeous (ergo, the fridge full of NYX lipsticks!). I love this post for that. Their masks are <3. 

    I've heard a lot about their treatment waxes for hair. Maybe, I should go try (after I finish my giant Lory's tub I got on sale, though!)

  6. Ruth Santiago16/3/12 11:23 AM

    i love Watsons especially their buy1 take1 products! lotsa savings i must say :)


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