Save Alert: Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara looks like the new Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara!

Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara

If you're addicted to anythng makeup, then you would agree that sometimes it can get pretty expensive and money-draining. That is why we are always on the look out for something more within our budget before shelling out for high-end brands.

When I heard that Urban Decay came out with a revamped Big Fatty Mascara, I couldn't wait to order it and try it for myself... but when I saw the wand, I thought it looked a lot like the Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara!

Check out the wand of the new Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara.

Photo credit: MakeupandBeautyBlog

Here is the Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara.

You'll notice that one side of the brush have longer bristles while the other side have shorter ones.

The longer bristles is great in coating all the lashes. While the short bristles thickens the application that it gives more volume and thickness to your eye lashes.

The flexible brush makes it easier and safer fo us to coat our lashes well.

The result is incredible looking lashes that looks oh so natural. No clumps and totally holds the curls.

And it's affordable to. Not more than 400 depending on their current bi-weekly brochure.

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  1. wow! looks really nice! i might try this since i'm looking for a great mascara. thanks for the review :)

  2. Ruth Santiago23/3/12 1:02 PM

    i kinda stopped using mascara for a while already. but this one is interesting for having long & short bristles. :) hoping to try this one soon

  3. Issachavez23/3/12 2:04 PM

    this has been getting a lot of raves from beauty bloggers!  i must really check this out! :)

  4. interesting! i like that it doesn't look clumpy and the applicator seems to work well for lower lashes.

  5. You can order Colour Collection products from me. 09054216212


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