Party-Ready with Benefit's "I'm Glam.. therefore I am"

I love going to parties! Who doesn't right? It's a great chance to bond with friends, dance to your favorite music and plain chill with people you like. Most days, I find myself partying at events (thanks to this blog). Of course, when we party... well, we need to look our best. I am not much into fashion so I play it up with makeup instead.

One good buy I recently found is Benefit's "I'm Glam... therefore I am" Makeup Set.

  • It's got nice purple and pink-toned Eye Shadow Palette that compliments Filipina skin tones.
  • The Glamming Face Powder blush, a peach-pink hue that matches our skin well.
  • The famous Girl Meet Pearl, liquid pearl that is ideal for highlighting. 
  • A sample of Bad Gal Mascara to open up those sparkling eyes 
  • And Life On the A List Lip Gloss to accentuate those puckers.

What to love...
  • It's got 7 fabulous products -- eye shadow palette, blush, highlighter, mascara, gloss, sponge applicator and mini blush brush!
  • Small enough to bring with me at work or when I travel
  • Compact enough as not take space but packs a lot of products
  • Has got great best-sellers from Benefit Cosmetics -- Girl Meets Pearl and Bad Gal Mascara
  • Blush Brush that comes with it is incredibly soft
  • Eye shadow palette is great for day to night wear
  • Will last quite awhile (3 to 6 months of nearly everyday use)

What I can leave without...
  • Nothing! I love this palette a lot!

How I use the "I'm Glam... Therefore I am" Makeup Set.

You can skip liquid foundation if you feel your skin don't need it. :)

How I use the Eye Shadow palette.

Line eyes if needed with your favorite eyeliner and then curl your lashes.

Benefit's "I'm Glam... Therefore I am" 

The palette provides a soft purple smokey look. It's simple enough to do. For those with smaller eyes, start from the darkest shade to define the eyes better. Apply mascara liberally to give a wide awake look.

Benefit's "I'm Glam... Therefore I am" 

And the result...

I love the radiance this set gives me. I do look ready to party and steal the limelight. What do you think?

Benefit's "I'm Glam... Therefore I am" 

Do I pass the Glam test?

I'm in love with the Glamming Face Powder! It's like my default NARS Orgasm but pinkier. And I didn't know how nice Bad Gal Lashes is and how volumizing it is!

And all this for only Php2,100! :) So, yup! I recommend this to everyone. Especially to those who are constantly finding themselves as the life of the party

Benefit Cosmetics is now avialable in the Philippines, at Greenbelt 5 and soon Rustan's Shangri-la.

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  1. This is only 1,500? I mean Benefit is kind of expensive pero... Hahaha! I'm in shock. Sorry if I type like I'm talking. Medyo, ganun talaga ako. I keep scrolling up to see if tama nga nabasa kong price. Will buy if not soon, before summer ends, hopefully! :D

  2. I like the photo-tutorial matrix you did and you look blooming lately.

  3. Shen, galing mo mag-eyeliner. Para sakin perfect. Ako kasi weird yung eyelids ko kaya di ko mapantay-pantay e. hehehe

  4. Vida Cuaresma12/3/12 3:29 PM

    Be still my OC-heart! This palette brings order to beauty! :D

  5. You're super blooming, Shensky! Love the tutorial, as always! :)

  6. Liquid pearl? That's the first time I've heard of that product. Thanks for introducing me to that! 

    The palette reminds me of spring. Parang I can imagine butterflies fluttering to you, the fairy. Ganoong effect!Anyway, can I just say I love your eyes?! With or without make-up, I love how expressive they are.  With the liners and shadows, it just enhances them. I like the colour, especially! Wala lang! Just wanted to say that! LOL!

  7. PAKAK! Manika lang ang peg. You look very beautiful, Shen! :)

  8. Ruth Santiago16/3/12 11:17 AM

    i like the make-up palette :) so nice


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