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I can totally relate with girls who are having a hard time with their pimples. I do remember feeling conscious and shy because I wasn't like the rest of my friends who have smooth skin, free from pimples. It took a lot of effort and changes just so I can enjoy a face that is void of acne. But it did pay off.

When I was introduced to Garnier Pure Active, I admit that I was a bit hesitant. Seldom do I come by over-the-counter products that really solves my acne problems. But the Salicylic Acid convinced me to give it try. Not to mention that I am a big fan or their Garnier Light Eye Roll-on and their BB Roll-on.

And with almost 2 weeks of use of the Pure Active Facial Scrub, my pimples have lessened and my face looked cleaner and clearer. And when using the Pure Active Roll-on, my pimple have visibly decreased in redness and have dried up in just 2 to 3 days.

Because of this, I want to share these 2 products with you!

Join this contest and get a chance to try this pimple buster, simply answer:

"In what way did acne affect your life?"

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Contest ends on April 6, 2012!

Good luck!

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  1. Hazel Grace M. Bellen
    bhazelgrace@yahoo .com

    I don't have many pimples but when I get one, it will surely leave a scar. During my PMS, I usually get one or two pimples. It's really hard to conceal the redness as I don't want to put on too much make up when I got zits. It is also hard to erase those pimple marks. It affected my life because those scars ruins my flawless and smooth skin which can lower my self-esteem though I'm consistently using spot corrector/whitening creams. 

  2. Donna Elaine Quiambao20/3/12 7:47 PM

    "In what way did acne affect your life?"ACNE? haha it ruin my date with my hubby sometimes and i have a hard time trying out what brand to use every time i have pimples. Now i wanna try this new garnier product if this will help me fight bad days hehe...NAME: Donna Elaine QuiambaoEMAIL:

  3. prettythrifty20/3/12 7:53 PM

     In what way did acne affect my life? - It's been 7 years now, and I am still combating pimples. I keep on switching products just to find the perfect one that will stop this dilemma, and still I haven't found the right one. This acne problem started when I was in 3rd year high school, I know it's normal when you've got few pimples due to menstrual period, stress and as part of being teenager. Pero yung naexperience ko is somehow not normal. You know the feeling na when you wake up in the morning and you have to go to school, and boom! lots of pimples on your both cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, nakakahiyang pumasok. You even wanted na takpan yung face mo when some of your classmates talk about you, and making fun of your face because of the big zit on your nose. You can't even pose on the camera with the other side of your face because you have a lot of acne on that side. And the 50% compliment 50% lait na "May itsura sana sya, kaya lang ang daming tigidig (acne)". CONFIDENCE? That's what you've lost everytime you see your face on the mirror.I keep on asking, 'di ka na kagandahan, ang dami mo pang tigyawat! And I even starting to hate my face.
    Acne affects me a alot, even now, kahit na patapos na ko sa stage ng pagiging teenager, I use to depend on make-up just to hide those acne and acne scars. I even think na baka di ako matanggap sa work dahil sa itsura ko nung time na nagaapply ako. And the saddest part po, you have to face the computer a couple of minutes and edit your pictures on Photoshop before you post your picture on your FB account and try to fool the others that you have the flawless face but in reality, when they see you in personal, you know that they will see the big difference.
    And most of all, you will envy those girls who has flawless skin even without using any maintenance on their face.
    Those are the things that I experienced and still experiencing because of pimples. Lack of confidence, faking my pictures, hating myself, blaming some products and envying the others face, that how the pimples affect me. (Hehe sorry Ms.Shen, this comment is too long hehe I know you'll understand what I feel).

  4. Chynna Carlos20/3/12 8:46 PM

    In what way did acne affect my life? When I was younger, undergoing puberty was very confusing and my self esteem was at its lowest. I was surrounded by good-looking cousins who seemed like they could never be ugly. Then I started getting pimples! I've never felt more like an ugly duckling in my life. I didn't even know how to use makeup back then so there was no way of concealing them. It was really hard. When your self-esteem is in question, your confidence just goes lower and then you start to feel bad for yourself. I'm hoping to never get pimples again!

  5. I readily believe that God has given me a perfect face, not perfect, but close to a flawless face. I don't usually have acnes, but when I do, I wash my face every time. And when there's zit, I pick it. Then a small dark spot on my face can be seen. TO remove and wash it away, I wash my face with facial wash.

    Marie Danicia Castro
    mariemagical_23 at

  6. wonderwoman4520/3/12 9:42 PM

    I was one of the few lucky ones who actually survived high school without any acne whatsoever. But then, when I thought I was saved for life, I started breaking out right after I gave birth. To this day, I am battling acne on a regular basis and I actually go for regular facials now - something that I never had to do before. I even have to style my hair to cover forehead acne every now and then. It's sad, but hey, I haven't found the perfect product to deal with it. This might just be what I am looking for.

    Angeline Rodriguez

  7. aiko borja
    aikoborjagmail .com

    in what way did acne affect my life? -  Well when i was a teenager i dont have many pimples but when i got one. duhh sobrang naiinis ako,because it takes a whole week to stay on my face and it will surely leave a acne scar..syempre pag ganon bumababa ung self-esteem ng mga katulad kong girls.I remember pa nga nung tyming na Seniors ball namin e nagkaron ako and it so huge, as in! so na confuse tuloy ako na umatend nun.baka kasi inisin lang ako ng mga friends ko nun .Now i hope na wag na sana ako magkaroon ng ganung klaseng Pimples. and di naman kasi maiiwasan un e.thats why i want to try this new Garnier Products .......

    Thanks :)

  8. gerilen_elinessete20/3/12 10:20 PM

    im aware that when im talking to someone, they are not looking in my eyes, they focus on my zits! nakakabawas ng self confidence! magbabarkada panaman mga tigyawat ko, they grow in group! with redness and sometimes infection because i tend to prick those uglies, really is my frustration. i try to hide it with concealer and foundation, but i know na hindi maganda nalagi gawin un kc lalu cla nagagalit wika, pagnagdry na cla, they leave dark spots! i try to hide them with bangs and i know bad din un, kakafrustrate! nakakawalang gana mag make up minsan kc hindi smooth ang canvass..  i try to let my skin breath, so when im at home, i just wash my face, mejo hesitant nadin ako maglagay ng moisturizer dahil feeling q i dont need to, oil factory naq! :(  im really in search with the right products that'll help me with my skin problem..
    gerilen polon;

  9. In what way did acne affect your life?, until now, I'm still battling with my self confidence. Pimples on my face always makes me feel shy and lose my confidence when talking to people. I thought that pimples would stop coming after puberty but it keeps on coming every month everytime I have my monthly menstruation. I really hate it and I envy people who have clear skins.

  10. prettythrifty21/3/12 9:01 AM

    Oops  I forgot to include my name and my email add: 
    Name: Jennifer B. Fosgate

  11. debbie jane de dios21/3/12 9:20 AM

    it affects to the point that it ruins my days..and its miserable! promise!

  12. Angelamadlyinlove21/3/12 9:22 AM

     it affects to the point that it ruins my days..and its miserable! promise!
    debbie  jane de dios

  13. its my everyday prob since then.since i became a teenager & now the im in my late 20's.i dont see myself beautiful bcoz of this.thats why im hoping someday i'll overcome this.
    Geraldine Modesto

  14. I want to win this contest for my boyfriend. Since ng nagpunta sya sa Italy naglabasan na ang Acne niya, he's still cute though .  I remember nung ipinakilala ko siya sa family ko, the first thing na napasin nila is yung face niya. Kasi kapansin-pansin talaga. Ikinwento niya sa akin na lagi siyang tinutukso ng mga friends niya before, and worst, nababasted sa mga girls. Madami na siyang na try na products, kaya lang wala talaga.  Hindi effective sa knya.  Mag 9 years na sya na nagssuffer sa Acne. Minsan talaga naddepress na sya and ayoko siya makita na ganon. Nawawalan siya ng self-confidence, lalo na pag nag-a-apply sa work and pag humaharap sa ibang tao.  I love him so much and I always will. I decided to join this contest para sa kanya. 

  15. Name: Pamela Macalinao

  16. reneisoldevilla21/3/12 3:13 PM

    In what way did acne affected my life? It's affecting my self esteem, respect, etc. I really had a hard time when I have so many pimples and the only way to cure it is going to the derma and have it pricked. It's really painful. Now and then I still have this occassional bumps especially during summer. And now that summer is approaching, no no :(

    Renei Soldevilla

  17. "In what way did acne affect your life?" - I always have acne during my highschool days, it affected my confidence and self-esteem.. especially when i am around with my friends and with my crush (of course). All i do to hide it is through my bangs. Hehehe. Thank God after college up to now, i dont get those acnes anymore but when i do have one, I get really annoyed and uneasy with it. 
    Maria Christina Gumatay

  18. Hi, my name's Trina,.I'm from the Philippines.  I've been wanting to have a smooth and acne free skin (particularly in face). When I was in my adolescence stage, my friends keep on noticing acne's, rashes and pimples on my face. I tried using a lot of products to remove all of this but I failed. I once experienced when my friend introduced me to her friend, I was about to kiss her on her chicks but she refuses and just raised her hands acting to shake.  I felt the rejection upon seeing her facial expression as well as her reaction after she shake my hands. 
    I've been wanting to work abroad though not with the profession I finished when I was in college. My cousin works in Bahrain and she told me that they're in need of receptionist. My height passed the qualifications but I'm afraid my face won't. But, I still give it a try to apply and the saddest part was I failed. The "boss" honestly told me to try applying some other time (but in my mind, it's as if she wants to tell me to fix or cure or better remove the stuffs on my face). I've also experienced having relationships but most of them left me. And most of them notice what's on my face. I felt like they don't want to look at me or to even kiss me or even touch my skin to them. I'm a teacher and my students also notices the acne's, rashes and pimples on my face. I hope that this contest will help me to have confidence to face the world and the people within me.
    (0917) 5653157

  19. Acne affect my life into many ways. 

    16 years of age lang po ako pero grabe na ang apekto nito sa akin dahil sa mga acne's nato ninakaw nito ang self confidence ko na makihalubilo at makipag usap sa ibang tao. At dahil sa mga acne nato hindi ko makuhang ma enjoy ang buhay teenager. Kinakailangan ko pa po na mag make up para lang matakpan kahit konti yung mga acne ko. Pero napag isip isip ko na, "ganito nalang ba ako araw-araw, habang buhay?" Gusto ko na silang mawala pero hindi ko alam kung paano. Marami nakong na try pero sa una lang sila maganda lalo na ang celeteque. Ive been using this product for 4 months. On my first 2 months effective sya pero nung 3rd and 4th month na grabe na yung brakeout sa skin ko. Im still continue using this product kase sabi ko sa sarili ko na mawawala din to. Pero hindi talag eh, sobrang dami na nya. Kaya po ngayon ang target ko this summer vacation alisin lahat sila (acne) sa buhay ko.  Para naman pag dating ng school year ay mababago na pamumuhay ko. Iwant to win in this contest. Hoping na ito na ang makakatulong sa matagal ko ng problema.


  20. Ever since I started High school I've had acne. And it has been my constant companion until now right when I'm about to graduate college. I've tried every pimple-busting soaps, creams and gels from Neutrogena, Loreal Eskinol to Cetaphil. I've even tried baby soap and oilatum, none worked. And I try to cover it up by using concealers and foundation. It's been hard on my self-esteem as with other people who have acne and I really want to wear light to completely no make-up whenever I go out but my skin gets easily irritated. I hope to try this to see if it will finally cure my skin problem and cure me from my low confidence.


  22. Ruth Santiago23/3/12 12:09 AM

    way back my college days, the popping out of acne on my face always made me feel conscious.
    i felt so awkward when speaking with other people or in front of the class. 
    well, that really lowered my self-esteem & i envied people, who are blessed with gorgeous & beautiful skin. once in a while, there are still skin breakouts & sadly i have acne scars. :(

    Ruth Santiago

  23. I started my menstruation quite early and
    that's also the reason my skin has been in turmoil at a very early age. I was
    around 10 years old when I first experienced acne. And it isn't simple red bumps
    that decided to take permanent residency on my face but HUGE, BOIL-like, cystic
    acne that was filled with pus and it's just disgusting to look at. My father was
    concerned and I didn't want to go to school because I was too embarrassed.


    There was a time my classmates back in the
    States formed a circle around me and put me in the spotlight asking,


    "Why is your skin so ugly?"


    "What happened to your face?"


    "Did your mom drop your as a baby? Since
    your face looks messed up."


    There was even a time a girl refused to
    become friends with me because she felt that my acne was contagious and that she
    would get "infected" if she came near me. She would saw, "EWWW!" In front of me,
    I would go to the bathroom and cry whenever that happened.


    I was extremely sad. I would avoid all the
    "foods" that were rumored to influence outbreaks. I hated my appearance so much
    that I wouldn't look at the mirror and I would close my eyes whenever I washed
    my face because I felt so hideous.  I would cry all the time and even asked my
    father why I wasn't born with beautiful skin like the other girls I saw. We
    tried all sorts of remedies, we tried popular acne products they advertised on
    TV, natural remedies from lemons to sugar but to no avail, my stubborn acne
    remained on my face, it scarred my skin and my heart.


    To this day I still suffer from acne and
    the occasional "cystic acne" especially before and during my menstrual cycle and
    I still have acne marks and scars from when I was younger. I never go out
    without make-up because I'm ashamed to show my imperfections. However, now that
    I'm adult, I have a bit more confidence and care less what people think of me.
    Of course, I'm still searching for the best skincare treatments that would one
    day rid me of this acne curse but I realize that despite appearances, a person's
    heart is most important. I never judge another person because of their skin or
    appearance, that's because I've been through that too many times and know how
    much it can traumatize a person. If I ever do come across the best way to treat
    and if ever, finally heal and cure acne, I would share it with the world because
    no one deserves to suffer from this skin disease. However, for those who do
    suffer from it, all I can say is that you're not alone, many are struggling with
    their own skin issues and never lose hope because one day we'll find a cure for


    Name: Diane


  24. I have oily skin and it has been a problem to me for a long time. I have long suffered from embarrassing pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads in my entire life. Treating acne by trying out acne treating solutions over the counter has been my way of life to prevent additional breakouts and scars on my face.
    Emiliana Sison
    emiliana.sison AT

  25. angelamhiere30/3/12 5:48 PM

    Acne has made me more stressed prior to my wedding day. The planning was so crazy and acne was ever so inlove with me that it stayed with me even on the wedding day itself. I guess the planning and preparation was one of the culprits but I now realize that it's probably my raging hormones and missed periods that caused my acne. I've never been so infested with pimples before I had PCOS. How I wish it goes away so I could confidently go out without concealing anything. =D

    I am now trying to figure out ways to cure my acne so I may be able to sport a "no makeup look".
    Smooth and clear skin, please come and stay! =)Name: Angel P. Aragon-Manalata
    Email: sweetloveangel_1908(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. Rosalie Yap31/3/12 8:35 PM

     "In what way did acne affect your life?"
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think
    about it . . .
    I feel like I don't look right no matter how hard I try or dress up and look nice. There is always that area of pimples there, and it is very unsetting. There really hasn't been a day gone by that I don't think about id, or look  at my face. Should I spend that much energy on it? I could be doing other things, instead of wasting 5 to 10 minutes everyday looking at my face in the mirror.

  27. Allanoreyes3/4/12 10:40 AM

    I wasn't able to go to my hs prom because of my pimples.I was so ashamed to face my date because of this problem.

    Allan Reyes
    allanoreyesgmail .com

  28. it just hurts and you lose confidence. i dont want to experience it again.

    name: Jeffrey John Imutan
    email: jeffreyimutann[at]yahoo[dot]com

  29. It ruined my pictures and had to take a lot of time to edit them on Photoshop haha :)))
    Vera Paola Reyes

  30. Alicia_2727274/4/12 9:57 PM

    Acne can cause to me a shyness, so I always inspect the thing use to my face

  31. Melandriaromero4/4/12 11:48 PM

    I rarely had acne and pimples in my youth.  I remember having once in a year and i will eventually freak out when i see one  but I guess when you get older and you had many obligations and received more stress in life,  as much as you don't want it, they will eventually show .  

    It makes me cry when i see many acne in my face and i said, what's happening to me.  Even if i wanted to treat it, i have no idea what i should do, i have tried some products but it didn't worked for me.  I really feel low that time and i feel like i'm really ugly and shy. 
    I guess if i only knew this product, i could have use it that time.  What a real bad memory. 

  32. Acne affected my life in the sense that it hindered me from fulfilling my fullest potential. I suffered from big red acnes and zits that (I'm not exaggerating) nagnanana and would explode on its own in the most unfortunate of times. Like many pimple-prone teenagers, I had to be subjected to stares, teasing and comments; a guy would even point at my face and loudly shout "eww!" when I pass by. Every time I would go to events, family and friends would comment aloud on my acne and would offer advice on what causes it and their their tried-and-tested strategies to banish it. My acne was so bad that my sixth grade graduation photo had a very big red zit visible at the top of my forehead, like a bola-bola siopao. (Yes, back then, our school didn't bother to airbrush the pictures of elementary students--just the high school and college ones). Right now, I am still battling acne, only this time I now battle acne mixed with acne scars from the past, which is really embarrassing. That's why I would love to win this prize, to say goodbye to bola-bola foreheads and pimple-remedy suggestions. =)

    Gail Te, stuckkneedeep@yahoo .com

  33. arra morta5/4/12 4:50 AM

     In what way did acne affect my life?...So far,I havent experience acne just pimples,and yeah it it loses my confidence to face the day and leaves me a blah mood not to mention it hurts if you accidentally touch it:(

    Arra Morta

  34. Acne affected my life for years, since when I was in high school I'm shy and afraid to be friendly in my classmates because most of them are really good looking and they don't have a face like mine and sometimes I'm afraid that they will tease me because of my face. I've tried to use products that promised to help fight acne and prevent to occur it back but it's too pricey I can't afford to maintain it. Since then because of acne I lose myself confidence and trust to myself and I always considering myself ugly.   :-(

    name:  Mae Ann Reyes

    email address:


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