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Poco Deli

Last Friday, my boss and office mates bade farewell to our old office.  In less than two months, I have come to love my cubicle, the ray of sunlight the shines on me every morning, the friendly sari-sari store we patronize and the free parking space! Hahaha!

But  I am equally excited to see our new space in Bonifacio Global City and meet the rest of the people in the company. Besides, it's way geasier for me to meet up with friends now since BGC is the center of the night life in Manila right now!

With that, we thought to eat out for lunch to somewhat mourn and celebrate our leaving Ortigas. When one of our boss asked where we should eat, I suggested that we go to Poco Deli. It's a quaint Spanish style restaurant that serves amazing pasta, entrees and my favorite, cake and sausages! I've only eaten at this restaurant once and it was memorable, both food and company! I wanted to repeat the experience that's why i wanted to go back. :)

Poco Deli is located quite near our office at East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig. I can't tell you enough how nostalgic driving around Brgy. Kapitolyo for me is as I've lived there with R and his most of my lawschool years. East Kapitolyo have grown since I've been there. There were more restos that I think R and I would have loved going to. This made me feel more disappointed that I'm moving further away from this strip. Sniff...

But enough about that.. let's get on with the fun post! Be ready for some major food-gasm. :)

Lookee what they did to the wine caps. How pretty!

small bottle of chardonnay and merlot. yum!

Cakes and sausages... two favorite words!

Affordable but quality wine selection. Owner said to try Fat Bastard when I go back. :)

Further inside, there are more seats available...


Ala Cantina style interiors.. love the wood table! I want it actually!

More drinks!

Lovely paintings of what seems to be a Spanish countryside

I am loving everything about this resto...

Citrus Delight, Php120

There are only a few restaurants that can make me NOT order Coke. Coca-cola is the drink of my life. But this time around, I chose Citrus Delight over! It's so refreshing! One of the best drinks ever!

German Sausage and Cheese Platter, Php300
This platter is one of my favorite. Their sausages are always a treat, tasty meaty and juicy. I just hope the cheese serving is more generous. I would seriously go back to Poco Deli for their meat and cheese platter alone.

Bacon Slabs with Egg and Bacon Rice, Php280 
This is my order and it taste as sinful as it looks! It is like meat orgasm in your mouth. The bacon is rich in flavor but still have that very distinct meaty taste. A carnivore's heaven. The rice is abundant with bacon bits. Literally, "kainin pa lang, ulam na." I ate only one egg as the food it way too much for me.

I think this is the New York Steak Bagel Sandwhich

Adrian ordered this one. By the big bites he took, it sure made me wish I ordered this instead. The cheese was so tempting. And the Cassava Chips are tasty, I want a bag of it.

Spicy Seafood Pasta

Ms. Jess ordered the Spicy Seafood Pasta (correct me if I'm wrong with the name) and it is spicy. But I detect spiciness even at its lowest level.. so I'm not sure if this is recommended to those used to scorching their tongue with pepper and chili.

Truffle Oil Mushroom Pasta

Lara initially ordered the Irish Beef Stew but it wasn't available. She chose this instead, Truffle Oil Mushroom Pasta. I have such love for Truffle oil, the woodsy scent just gets to me every single time. I had to smell it before I tasted this one. And it was good, the level of creaminess wasn't overwheleming and the truffle oil was the star of this pasta.

Pasta Pesto

Gene ordered the Pesto Pasta but seeing how it had nuts in it made me not want to try it. I'm not crazy of over nuts in my food. But looking at how Gene tackled this pasta, it made me think twice on my decision not to ask him for a bite.. hmmm...

Over all, I am happy with the pasta of Poco Deli. I am not a pasta fan (except for raviolli), and this resto made me want to try all their pasta menu. I love how al dente the spaghetti was. I heard that they make everything from scratch, their pasta, sausages and sauce.

Red Velvet Cake, Php180

The Red Velvet Cake is heaven!! I am in love with it! It's not too overly sweet but still have that rich texture to it.

To enjoy a great meal at Poco Deli, a budget of about 300 to 500 per person is recommended. It's a good thing we Pinoy have that attitude that we don't care much for money if it's spent on food. :)

I really wish to go back to Poco Deli... this time around for another sausage platter, the pomodoro pasta and about 2 or 3 glasses of Fat Bastard wine. So if you want to try this place, feel free to tag me along!

Other must try, Black Out Chocolate Cake, Pomodoro Pasta and Irish Beef Stew!

Poco Deli is located at  21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City. For reservation, call (02) 477-4332.

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