Winner Announced: "Fashion Mayday | Win a Pair of Ferretti Shoes" Contest

...and how well you got my style. I love that everyone partnered this satchel bag with gold accessories! I just love gold! That is why this bag is so perfect for me. The gold hardware matches ALL of my accessories that mix and matching is no trouble at all!

But the one that took my breathe away and made me mouth "wow!" is

....Argie's styling!

Here's how she styled my Ferretti Satchel,
"I'd love to see you in this frock below. I wouldn't want to take out the denim perspective because I know how good you look in jeans.  
For your day/work look, you can be chic and comfy with this untucked cream pleated shirt with its sleeves rolled up near the elbows.  Don a scarf bearing this year's color, tango tangerine; be comfy with strappy coral flats; and tote the Ferretti satchel as is and you're good to go. 
For a dinner date, slip into a dual-toned heels and get the scarf off your neck. It's the bag's chance to go tangerine while you accessorize with statement black pieces. It would be nice to tuck the shirt in and wear a skinny navy blue belt to dress up the jeans."

What I like about this styling is that she makes me want to wear jeans again!

She was quite spot on how I want to maximize the bag and my outfit. And even if it got nothing to do with this year's lucky color, coral or orange is one of may favorite hues. But I just didn't know how to incorporate it in my outfit. And all those golden accessories just scream Carrie Bradshaw! The shawl have that hint of Blair while the bag with the pumps is definitely a bridge between Carrie and Charlotte.

This whole styling makes me want to search the nearest mall for something similar! As much as I love my dresses and neutral outfits, Argie's risks paid off quite well.

I will be on a hunt for these selections and hope I can show you guys how it will look on me IRL!

Congratulation Argie of HerRoyalBleakness!!

I will contact you via e-mail with regards on how to claim your prize!

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  1. Congratulations Argie! Ang ganda nga ng choices nya, neutral bag and blouse, tapos contrast with a bold colored pair of stilettos. 

  2. I grew a little hesitant suggesting flats because I rarely see you in them. But yay, you liked what I suggested :D

    Promod has scarf prints similar to the one I suggested. I hope they're still around tho. Or try Terranova. But hey, there's F21 if desperate mode na, hehe. The strappy sandals, try SM dep store. As for the heels, pa custom-made ka sa Marikina, mwahehehe. Thanks so much, Shen! as eeeen. 

  3. congratulations to the winner! :)

  4. oh dear.. you're so lucky!!! congrats!!!


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