Spring-Summer Fashion | Skinny Ankles

If there is another part of my body that I love, aside from my uber Betty Boop boobs, it's my skinny ankles. I may have chicken thighs, but boy do i deceive a lot of people when they look at my ankles... Runways have been seen to sport the skinny jeans but still staying true the long flowy skirts and palazzo pants.

For me, I think jeans still do flatter most body type. Even skinny jeans as long as they the right cut like Levi's Curve ID jeans.

Although, shorts and skirt served me well and to be honest I hate wearing jeans because of ginormous tummy, I like me some nice fitting capri pants that can take me from work to happy hours. Thank God jeans that shows off my nice ankles are in season as I often find myself in a situation that needs me to wear some jeans (like everyday, at work!). 

They were first called capri, named after the the Island where it was first made popular in the '50's. My grandma calls them clam-diggers! Now, they are called, Skinny Ankles. :)

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday made capri's a sensation!

And now, they still look the same, in both understated and bold colors... It's funny how we recyle fashion and put our own twist in it every single time.

Here's Levi's take on an iconic fashion piece.

This whole look is set to inspire carefree summer feel but Skinny Ankles are also great to wear for casual cocktails and evening date. Levi's came out with different shades like bright indigo, sunset coral (see photo above), tomato red, faded and worn out jeans to match the feel of the summer heat. But all of these combined with the right top, shoes and accessories can take you from spring/summer to fall/winter. After all, jeans are an all-year round essential item.

I am curious about the shade, tomato red. It's seems to be ideal for some color blocking or to make it simpler but still classic is to pair it with white tee and and some mean black pumps. Besides doesn't it remind you of some pin-up girls in the 50's with bandana and checkered shirts?

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  1. I remember this becoming a trend when I was in 3rd or 4th year in HS. Or maybe it was just me because mum bought 'em to me all the time. Now they're called skinny ankles? Nice. Hehe. Same old style brand new name. :P

  2. PinkChinadoll7/2/12 6:34 AM

    Yay! Skinny ankles are back! I remember wearing this way back in college, I love the style because it complements well with my body type :)


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