Spend Vs. Save: TIGI BedHead Urban Anti-dotes & Dove Nourishing Oil Care

Happy start of February!

Do you feel the love in the air? I do! I do! Do allow me to share a bit of product lovin' for my locks!

I find it hard to rave about hair care since my hair is not "normal". I am usually partial to an expensive brand and could hardly try affordable ones for fear that it won't give my hair the care it needs. With several coloring, rebonding and styling, who can blame me right? It's not like I was born with a perfect hair. 

Right now, even with a care of hi-end hair care brands, my hair has reached it's limit and is in bad need of hair cut and retouch. Since I started working, I have yet to settle into schedule that will afford me some time to visit my favorite salon for a much needed trim and coloring retouch. I simply just can't find time!

So, I rely on these two products at the moment to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny. 

TIGI BedHead Urban Anti-dotes | Recovery

TIGI BedHead is a popular hi-end hair care brand known for its hip and cool product names and packaging. When they came out with a set of shampoo and conditioner aim to tackle dry and damaged hair, I instantly fell in line to try it.

What you'll notice is the strong sweet smell that settles nicely when your hair is dry. Think fruity, like those fruitella chewy candies! I notice that after using an entire tube of shampoo and conditioner that my hair feels softer and smoother.

I have been using this for more than a month and I love the effects! My hair is usually dry and lacking in lustre but this has kept it manageable and does provide that moisture hit.

TIGI Bedhead Shampoo and Conditioner for nearly Php1900 a tube. Quite expensive but for serious hair coloring and rebonding addict like me, you might want to consider this as your primary hair care products.

Dove Nutritive Therapy | Nourishing Oil Care

Call it falling for advertising but after checking out the website of Dove. I immediately went and got myself the Dove Nutritive Therapy, the Nourishing Oil Care. And boy was I floored! I fell instantly in love with the clean scent of it! It smells a bit rich but it settles nicely and last all day on my thick long mane.

Best of all, it is indeed nourishing. My hair is manageable. It's so easy to comb out my hair even when its wet! Although my roots still look dull and dry, the rest of my hair looks fabulous!

It is like I used a Dove Body Bar on my hair! It nearly has the same effect.

As long as my hair doesn't reach its plateau with the Dove Nourishing Oil Care, I will keep on buying this! I think this is less than Php200 for the shampoos and Php250 for the conditioner. Can't remember since my dad paid for this. Hehehe!


But of course, we still need to get a hair cut once in awhile. As for me, I know I badly need one already. I can't wait for the weekend as I think that's the only day I can find time to finally get my hair trimmed, layered and colored... Sigh. I can't wait for the weekend!

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  1. Ruth Santiago1/2/12 10:22 AM

    hair care is so important for us girls, gosh! very time consuming... but thank God for products like TIGI & Dove for our crowning glory =)

  2. Misspurple Jing1/2/12 11:10 AM

    will definitely try the dove nourishing oil care soon!=)

  3. Issachavez1/2/12 12:14 PM

    Thanks for sharing this!  I would like to try Dove!  TIGI is indeed expensive!...

  4. I looooove experimenting with my hair and just recently I had my craziest hair cut. Hope you can check it out in my blog, Shen. :) That is why I've been on the look out for products which will keep my hair healthy. Thanks for posting this. I would love to try Bedhead products only they're super expensive and I'm one of the most "kuripot" person ever. But, maybe, soon. I mean, if the product gives justice to its price, why not di ba? :)

  5. I have a high regard on dove products. Definitely will try this one. Thanks for sharing!

    Rhea of http://www.beautyproductreviewsandrants.info/

  6. I've been lemming for Bed Head for the longest time. :( Every time I finished up my shampoo, there's always a new brand to try. Now it's Dove - which I heard is super awesome. :)

    xx, Kimhttp://kimpossiblygorgeous.tumblr.com/http://www.facebook.com/kalmcosmetics

  7. MA. CARMI ZATE6/2/12 12:13 AM

    hi shen, i am actually contemplating on getting nice hair products since my hair had experience more than enough torture (haha) due to excessive relax, rebonding, coloring.. i think it is really good to invest in quality products especially because our hair is our crowning glory. :) but of course, if there are quality products that would not cost my wallet cry, i will definitely try it. good thing dove hair products already hit our shores. i am very excited to try the repair series that i recently bought. hope to hear you reviews soon shen! :)


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