Snoe Beauty | Happy Heels Therapy Set in Peppermint Pea

Happy Sunday everyone!

I plan on staying in today and catch up on my favorite TV Shows!

And thanks to the pretty girls of Snoe Beauty, I get a bit of R&R at home! Check out Happy Heels from the up and rising brand, Snoe Beauty Inc. It's a complete set of foot therapy!

I got the Peppermint Peavariant. I just love anything peppermint. It reminds me of my grandma and well, it helps me breathe easier.

A great thing about the Happy Heels Therapy Set is that it has Calamansi to whiten the skin and Tea Tree for deodorizing and proper cleansing.

Lazy as I may be, I always love caring for my feet and these set came right on time!

Snoe Beauty Happy Heels Therapy Set in Peppermint Pea

I am in love with the Peppermint scent and this set doesn't scrimp on it! Can't I use this for my body, too? Hahaha!

Snoe Beauty Happy Heels Therapy Set in Peppermint Pea
After all the grueling walking and standing I do, I definitely owe my feet a bit of tender love and care today!

How are you going to spend your Sunday, ladies? You plan to do something beauty-related, too? :)

Happy Heels Therapy Set in Peppermint Tea is only Php349.00 for the whole set!

Find out more about Snoe Beauty on their cute fancy website,

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  1. Ruth santiago19/2/12 12:59 PM

    a must-have for our most of the time tired but lovely feet :)

  2. I love pampering my feet since madalas siyang kawawa whenever I would go out. Hehe. I'm thinking of buying this na kaso medyo tamad ako to do it on my feet. Hehe. I always have my foot spa sa nearest and trusted spa ko. Pero para makatipid maybe I'd buy this na lang din... xP

  3. dear.. i have seen this on festival mall last friday.. ^_^  (watched Unofficially Yours with my officemate) i didnt know na affordable pala sya.. 300php + lang for the whole set..

  4. I am a girl for that i know that all kind of wear love to wear heels. But for a long time wearing heels are not so good idea. I am very happy to see that site because this lotion are very helpful to wear heels. Foot massage machine is also a another best solution for relief pain.


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