The New Pond's Age Mirace and Flawless White | Event and Product Intro.

Midas Hotel, Manila, February 10, 2012 - Bloggers for Pond's were invited for a luxurious evening at one of the most extravagant and lush hotel in the country, Midas Hotel. We were given no clue on what the event was all about. But given how different the packaging were of the Pond's Age Miracle and Flawless White in the mall counters, I already thought that the event is going to be about those.

After ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the beautiful interiors of Midas Hotel, we were brought inside a quaint dining room and saw again the beautiful people behind Pond's Philippines.

Apples Aberin | Jacqe Yuengtian

 Zo Aguila | Dian Yu

Jules Gollayan

I always find Pond's event extravagant and full of understated elegance. Their events are like a Chanel bag, timeless and classic. No wonder that me and my fellow bloggers, Nikki, Martha, Angela, Tara, Kath, and Lace dressed accordingly.

Nikki Tui | Martha Sta. Barbara

Tara Cabullo | Angela Nepomuceno

Brand Manager, Jacqe Yuengtian, briefly welcomed us and shared with us that there are so much in store for Pond's this year and this includes the latest innovation in their best-selling product lines, Age Miracle and Flawless White.

Assistant Brand Manager, one of my favorite person from this brand, Jules Gollayan became our host that night. It was a laid back event despite all the trappings. Something I was enjoying all too much because I consider these people friends already.

That is why I was only excited when Dian Yu stepped in and talked about what this event all about. She spoke of years past and how Pond's was just a budding flower in the Philippines and now a full bloom brand, patronized by many Filipinas. She showed us how Pond's sees their products as a catalyst in creating beautiful memories with its amazing effects.

Those effects were explained to us by Dr. Helen Meldrum, who came all the way from New York! She's part of the research and development of Pond's Institute in the U.S. She spoke of innovations that is now found in the latest Pond's Age Miracle and Flawless White.

It was such an enlightening event, something I really appreciate because when I did the Flawless White challenge, I really immersed myself on how each ingredient!

We were given a chance to ask a few questions ( I think of this as in behalf of you who weren't there at the event.):

I have an oily skin and still experience adult acne can I use Pond's Age Miracle already?

Yes. Dr. Helen Meldrum informed us Pond's Age Miracle line comes with Day Cream for Sensitive Skin if you encounter breakouts and there's the Day Cream for combination and oily skin that won't aggravate oiliness.

For those who are used to the old formulation, will the effects be different? Are there drastic difference in the line?

Yes. With the new formulation people who loves the old line will still get the same benefits they use to get PLUS the power of Regen which helps the skills cells regenerate. It's the old formulation with a better impact and effects are much faster and more visible.

My thoughts on what skin care to use...
In choosing a skin care range, it is still better to address your main skin concern first. This is what I've always told you and will continue to do so. Do not try to mix products so often as this could possibly lead to more skin problems. 
I advise that at a young age, you can always start with oil control for oily skin, moisturizer for dry skin and lots of sunblock! Then if you acquire pimples, go to a certified dermatologist to find out what's the real culprit on why you get pimples and for stronger medications to cure them. Then find a whitening range that will help lighten your acne marks should you have them. 
With Anti-aging products, start with an eye cream at your early twenties. Something light and easily absorbed. Then as you grow older, try exchanging your facial wash with an anti-aging products and on colder months, add moisturizer to your nightly regimen. 
Stay away from the sun to avoid wrinkle formation and always pack on sunblock to avoid hyper pigmentation. 
Prevention is better than cure... but for us who already got the major league skin concerns, there's always Pond's!

I've proven that Pond's Flawless White works in reducing acne marks and lightening the skin. As early as 7 days, you can already see changes in your skin. More so if you continuously use it.

I'm glad that I am now given a chance to try the new Age Miracle. Now that I'm quite assured that even with oily skin and adult acne, I can still keep my skin free from fine-lines and wrinkles.

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  1. What a great event! You and Nikki always have such great fun at these launches! I really like the Pond's flawless white cleanser myself.

  2. I have a major girl crush on Apples Aberin. She's so pretty. I wonder how young she is.

  3. i love the regen day cream.. since i started using it, my boyfrend says "hey ur face is glowing..!!"
    LOVE IT!! <3


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