Review: B Skin BB Cream by HDI Network

B Skin is the newest BB Cream player in town. It's manufactured by a company very familiar with the need of skin and the body for natural products. Skeptic as I am with BB Creams (I think they are best reserved for those with less than oily skin), I pushed it aside and went ahead and tried it.

What prompted me try this? I noticed while I was swatching it how it changed color/shade and blended against my skin. Yes, it is skin-matching! I was pleasantly surprised as most BB Creams I've tried are either too grayish in tint or too light for my skintone. You can check out the video I made below to see how it fared on my skin.

Although the B Skin BB Cream have that pink-tone base, it worked well against my skin. Nothing a bit of powder couldn't fix.

But no surprise here, this is a true blue BB Cream with its healing and moisturizing properties.

It has Green Tea, Royal Jelly, Abutin, Jojoba, Allantoin and Vitamin, E.
  • Green Tea which makes a great antioxidant and has the ability to regenerate cell productions.
  • Royal Jelly is great antibacterial ingredients and great a stimulation blood circulation that reduces skin dullness and sullenness. 
  • Arbutin is a natural lightening ingredient that is great for skin suffering from hyper-pigmentation.
  • Jojoba is known for its moisturizing properties that calm the skin.
  • Allantoin moisturizes the skin and gives it a smooth appreance. It's a natural chemical that is safe for any skintype.
  • Vitamin E or Tocopheryl Acetate preserves the skin's elasticity and increases collagen production that most anti-aging products have this.
  • Titanium Dioxide is abundant in this product, it being the second most active ingredient on the list. Which ensures sun protection from UVA and UVB.

B Skin BB Cream also boast of its Microcap Technology. It's minute beads that encapsulate the ingredients. Upon dispensing and blending, that's the only time that these active ingredients are released to ensure optimal  results and freshness. It's a bit complicated but it just says that this technology helps the ingredients in becoming more effective to help with skin problems.

How to use:

BSkin BB Cream is best used after thoroughly cleansing and toning your skin.

If you have Dry Skin, you can apply your regular moisturizer and then apply this as you would a foundation.
For Normal to Combination, you can choose to skip your moisturizer and exchange it with this BB Cream.
For oily and severely oily skin, skip moisturizer altogether and pat this down with a mattifying face powder.

Remove as you would remove your regular foundation.

What I like about Bskin BB Cream...
  • It's skin-matching, makes it ideal for those who can't find a skintone match with other BB Cream
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Provides medium coverage.
  • Conceals minor bumps and small dark acne spots.
  • Have a nice pleasant smell to it.
  • Moisturizes the skin really well.
  • Provides a dewy finish.
  • Impressive list of ingredients!
  • It had whopping SPF 37 with PA +++!
  • It's relatively cheaper compared to other BB Creams. It's only Php795!
What I don't...
  • Oilies appear an hour or so after application.
  • Not for extremely oily skin... stick to a matte foundation instead.
  • Skin may react to mineral oil if you're allergic to it.

I really find the skin-matching power of the BSkin BB Cream. It certainly makes life easier for me to use this compared to the other BB Creams. I swear I've given up hope on BB Creams. But I'm glad this one did not disappoint. Although it is very moisturizing that it hardly contains my oilies at bay, I still find this better than most BB Creams I've tried. Mainly because it doesn't wash me out, break me out or break the bank with its price.

Here's a photo of the me trying out BSkin BB Cream. This one acts more like a tinted moisturizer for me. But I'm sure as the day is long that those with problematic skin will love the healing properties that this long tube has.

I will most likely repurchase this again. But not at this point when my oilies are too active. I think for my skin type, this is not the best product for me just yet. But on days when I'm not all too thrilled to pack on so much foundation, I will use BSkin BB Cream for a tad bit of coverage that packs quite a lot of punch on reviving the skin.

I believe that even with my lack of knowledge and experience with BB Creams, this is going to be a smash hit for those who fans of said products.

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  1. not bad for the price and amount of product.  thanks for the review ^_^

  2. Where can this be purchased? :)

  3. The skin-matching feature is too good to miss! I think I've gotten darker the past month - ooohh that sunny December with no hint of holiday chill - and my BB cream stash is close to becoming my "so last year" color. At least your review presents a saviour for those afraid of the summer, and hopefully can even compete with Purederm Magic BB Cream's already "tanned" shade. Good one!

  4. Dang Villanueva11/1/12 5:03 PM

    Thanks Shen for another nice review, love your vids! :) Like you, I mattify it with powder, and use it on cooler days. :)

    For those asking how to purchase it, you may text me anytime at 0922 8285814 or 0915 9674160 and I'll have your BSKIN BB cream sent to your doorstep, free of charge and COD. 

    Dang of

  5. i'm nc40 with yellow undertone. sadly, this didn't work for me, turns grayish after a while. 

  6. chrisellesymua13/1/12 1:11 PM

    I usually stay away from anything with mineral oil in it but this definitely looks super worth a shot! :)

  7. interesting...haven't heard that brand before...

    you may want to check out my recent bb cream reviews here:


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